Smoking Gun! Kari Lake’s Election Challenge Victory Could Change Everything For 2024 Elections

The Arizona Supreme Court decided that the trial court must reconsider the signature verification matter. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson issued a fresh order on Thursday defining the timeline for review of Kari Lake’s signature verification challenge.

Lake says that this is the exact thing that is going to kick the door open for the biggest election case in history and it is all happening in time to potentially make some changes for the 2024 elections.

Lake issued the following statement:

For years signatures have been a third rail for Maricopa County. The process of verifying these signatures is the only security measure on mail-in ballots. The amount of time allotted to check these signatures was only 8 seconds, which is not humanly possible. The system is completely broken. That’s why they are absolutely terrified of letting anyone take a look at their signatures. 

Immediately following the election, multiple Maricopa County Elections Department officials – individuals who were involved in the signature verification process – reached out to me and urged my team to review the signatures.

Now, thanks to this Supreme Court ruling, my team will be able to give the signatures the scrutiny they deserve.

Three whistleblowers came forward with revelations of massive failures in the signature verification process. These whistleblowers were intimately involved in the process and they allege that Maricopa County WILLFULLY ignored law and procedure.

This violation of procedure allowed for tens of thousands of illegal ballots to be approved and counted. Aside from all other issues, including nearly 60% of polling locations being inoperable on Election Day, this issue alone casts the veracity of Katie Hobb’s victory in serious doubt.

When we verify these allegations, there will be no doubt that this election was compromised and that its results fail to meet the standard of certainty as outlined in Arizona law.”

Lake posted a clip of a discussion of her case on Newsmax:

Newsmax reported on Saturday about the newest developments:

  • Kari Lake, a former Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate, has said that the door is now open to the “greatest election case ever” after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that one of her complaints about the 2022 election had been wrongly dismissed.
  • The complaint is about mail-in ballot signature verification and Lake claims it is a “smoking gun” that would show voter fraud.
  • The state’s supreme court found that a lower court had been wrong to dismiss the complaint based on its interpretation of a legal doctrine.

Former Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has said the door is now open to the “great election case ever” after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that one of her complaints about the 2022 election had been wrongly dismissed.

Lake spoke to Just the News about the case in an interview she shared on her Twitter account on Friday and described her complaint about mail-in ballot signature verification as a “smoking gun” that would show voter fraud.

The Arizona Supreme Court dismissed most of Lake’s case in an order on Wednesday but they also ruled that a lower court had been wrong to dismiss a complaint about the signature verification process on early ballots in Maricopa County.

“This is a victory,” Lake told Just the News‘ John Solomon and Amanda Head. “We’ve been trying for three years to get our foot in the door on one of these election cases and I’ve always said we have the greatest election case ever and the door’s been pushed open.”

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