Spine-tingling Exposé of Crass TX Police Protecting Human Smuggling by NGOs

This footage is by our friend Tayler Hanson of Tenet Media, who bravely recorded footage of San Antonio police officers being belligerent to him and refusing to answer his questions about what they were doing at a center that is hosting illegal immigrants.

In a gripping exchange between reporter Tayler Hansen and the San Antonio Police Department at a migrant center in Texas, startling revelations unfolded. Hansen, on the scene to expose alleged human smuggling facilitated by NGOs, confronted officers in their official San Antonio PD uniforms guarding the facility.

Hansen claimed that the police officers were taking side contracts from the NGOs, earning extra pay to ensure the security of the area. The tension escalated as Hansen questioned the officers about their involvement, asking if they were being contracted and paid by the NGOs. Despite being met with silence and no comments from the officers, Hansen persisted, pointing out the potential conflict of interest in police officers receiving payment from organizations linked to alleged human smuggling.

The reporter’s allegations extended beyond the officers, accusing the NGOs of deceitfully claiming not to pay for migrants’ flights while engaging in double bookings and charging the federal government. Hansen challenged the officers to investigate these claims, questioning the morality and appropriateness of their actions.

As Hansen continued to press for answers, the situation intensified, with the officers refusing to disclose their badge numbers and avoiding direct responses. The reporter accused the officers of being complicit in facilitating human smuggling by accepting payment from the NGOs.

The exchange concluded with Hansen being warned about trespassing, highlighting the palpable tension between the reporter and the officers involved in what Hansen described as the facilitation of illegal activities at the migrant center. The encounter shed light on the complexities and controversies surrounding the intersection of law enforcement, NGOs, and the contentious issue of human smuggling in America.

It is shocking:

“The video by journalist @TaylerUSA of uniformed San Antonio Police officers working for Non-Government Organizations to facilitate human trafficking is one of the most important stories in a long time. Unfortunately, it will get zero coverage from corporate media, so it is incumbent on American patriots to spread the word,” JD Rucker posted footage of Tayler Hansen’s most recent work for Tenet media:

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