Terrorism Enabled: Known Hotbed for ‘Got Aways’ Revealed Just as Impeachment Floated [VIDEO]

Reports of intentionally unprotected borders are surfacing with eyewitness testimony, just as articles of impeachment against Democrat Joe Biden are being discussed. The latest push to get rid of Biden is designed by US Rep. Lauren Bobert (R-CO) to remove Joe Biden from office over his lack of security at the Southern border.

And here is proof that she is right in her assessment that no one in the Biden administration is serious about our nation’s safety.

Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, revealed what is being described by a border patrol agent as the ‘number one’ location for illegal aliens known as “got aways” to enter the United States and as Bergquam showed, it is very, very easy to cross from Mexico into the United States in this small patch of ground, that has barely any restriction at all to stop entry.

What Bergquam revealed happens simultaneously as national reports of escalating crime are happening and as known terrorists are slipping into our country, proving that we have a massive domestic problem.

Officials are seeing a growing urgency over our failing national security and know it is due to the very accessible and even welcoming open borders, which are unprotected.


“More from Biden’s open border on the Tohono O’odham reservation in Arizona with US Border Patrol Council VP, Art Del Cueto. Why is this the number one location in the country for illegal alien got-aways? Because that’s how the cartel wants it and apparently so do the Democrats!…”

US Rep Paul Gosar reported on his twitter that over 125 known terrorists had crossed into the US:

Just this week, Chief Raul Ortiz, Chief of the U.S Border Patrol, reported that in a short period of time, there were massive crimes committed because of the open borders:

US Rep. Mark Green talked more about the terror watchlist and those apprehensions and why those getaways should be of grave concern to us because, as Green reveals, Biden is helping people get into the country, on top of the worries about the Gotaways:

Center Square reported, like Green, that the numbers and the incidences of crime and terrorists getting into the country is going up and not down:

From their report:

More than 264,000 people were apprehended and reported evading capture at the southern border in May, according to official data released Tuesday in addition to unofficial data obtained and reported on by The Center Square.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data, there were 204,561 encounters at the Southwest border in May. The number excludes gotaways of roughly 60,300, which The Center Square exclusively reported. It also excludes apprehensions at the northern border, which are also at record highs.

As in most months, the majority of foreign nationals apprehended, 65%, were single adults, totaling 133,097. Unaccompanied minors totaled 9,943 and family units totaled 58,369.

And this is just in time for our reps to talk about impeaching Biden over this mess:

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