Tolerant Liberals Attack MAGA, Police Plead for Leniency for “Egghole”

The police pleaded with members of the MAGA movement to show leniency toward a menace who had targeted them in their celebration of President Donald J. Trump.

Here are the police asking for victims to ignore the violence of a vandal who had attacked them. Oreo Express caught the whole story on video.

Police Plead on behalf of an aggressive- hostile leftist:

This is how it started… a group of patriots who spoke with Frontline America last week about their plans to form a caravan and flag-waving event to coordinate with the Trump Flotilla.

It was a very well-attended set of events..

But not everyone was happy. As Oreo Express reported, the group experienced an “EGGhole” who gleefully attacked the happy MAGA band of peaceful warriors:

The day’s events happened in California, a utopia for the very far left:

Three was a Flotillia, a car parade and a flag waiving event:

The event was well-planned and organized by a regular group of Americans who love America First.

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