TRANSFORMATION: Illegal Aliens Can Become Police and Arrest Americans in Illinois

In June, media reports showed that the consequences of defunding the police and allowing crime to escalate to third-world nation status, and then allowing open borders to seduce the world’s poor and criminals into the United States- was going to pay off big for the people who want to transform the United States of America.

More than 130 bills were signed by Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker last week- according to a report by Center Square who reported:

“Pritzker held a bill-signing ceremony for a measure bringing about mandatory supervised release for the state’s criminal justice system. He also announced in a news release he signed a measure prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes in public spaces.

Separately, the governor’s office announced he signed another 95 House bills and 39 Senate bills. Some take effect immediately, like House Bill 3751 that allows non-citizens to apply to be a police officer. Also effective immediately, the Illinois State Board of Education is required to adopt a literacy plan.:

And remember the federal government has already made a bold stand to protect the jobs of illegal aliens, as we reported earlier in the Summer.

SO- here are the details of the left’s utopian dreams come true- a place where illegals with no background checks can arrest law-abiding Americans:

From a CBS News report last month:

A bill that would allow non-U.S. citizens to become police officers in Illinois is now on Gov. JB Pritzker’s desk.

Federal law states that only U.S. citizens can serve as police officers and deputies. But Illinois House Bill 3751 would change that for immigrants who are work-eligible under federal law.

The bill’s sponsor called it a natural progression – now that some undocumented immigrants can become healthcare workers and military members.

But an opponent claims giving non-citizens the right to arrest a U.S. citizen would be a “breach of democracy.”

And now it is law in Illinois. The transformation is completed.

See our reporting on the prioritization of jobs for illegal aliens.

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