Tribute to the Dead in Ukraine Includes American Marine, “Russians Hate Americans”

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, is investigating the War in Ukraine and the immigration crisis in Europe on behalf of Patriot Mobile, which sponsored his journey to bring accurate information that the media refuses to show people from hot war zones in areas like Lviv.

“This war is a war of godless leftists against the people. The Globalists are just using the Ukrainian people right now, ” Bergquam said, adding, “Many people know that all of this would have been avoided if Donald Trump had been President.”

Before getting to those hot zone areas to report, Real America’s Voice reporters spent time in Kyiv. They spoke with civilians and leaders there who hoped that America elected someone stronger than Joe Biden- someone like Donald J. Trump.

While they are thankful for the help they have gotten, telling RAV that they are fighting tyranny, they also feel they are losing too many young men and need America to be stronger.

Bergquam showed the areas that Russians had previously hit.

“Russia is still lobbing missiles with drones on the frontlines, but this area is sort of back to normal. There are military tanks here in Kyiv as sort of military trophies, but business is back to normal in the Kyiv area; there are other areas where death is still happening on the frontlines,” Bergquam told Steve Bannon on Monday.

Earlier, Bergquam had posted some footage of another memorial to the fallen.

“This is a civilian area, and we have to be in and out of here real quick because we are told by security that while this area is sort of stable, the Russians will still target the area when large groups form, especially if they know there are Westerners here,” Bergquam said, showing the bombed out area he was in, and then a series of photos of people who had allegedly died in that area, including a man in a US Marines uniform.


There is a persistent message that Russians are targeting Americans in Ukraine that Bergquam has reported on.

And there is confirmation the message is accurate:

Bergquam spoke with a Ukrainian who lived in Texas for seven years, who told him that Russian state TV is broadcasting that Americans are “enemy #1 still”, saying that “they would rather kill one American than 100 Ukrainians. You have been their enemies for a long time,” he told Bergquam, adding more about how the war in Ukraine is about the United States of America.


Bergquam and his fellow RAV correspondent Oscar El Blue Ramirez appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon on Monday to discuss their findings about the Ukraine frontlines:

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