Understanding the Biden Administration’s Open Border Policies

Simon Hankinson’s op-ed for the Heritage Foundation delves into the motivations behind the Biden administration’s open border policies, identifying three primary factors: electoral politics, extortion, and ideology. While all three play a role, Hankinson focuses primarily on the ideological underpinnings, suggesting a connection between contemporary movements and historical leftist ideologies.

He begins by exploring the concept of “abolition” as appropriated by certain factions within academia and political activism. Drawing parallels between the use of the term today and its historical association with the abolition of slavery, Hankinson argues that modern proponents of “abolition” seek to dismantle existing societal structures, particularly those related to the justice system. He cites examples from groups like the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter, who have called for the abolition of prisons and law enforcement agencies.

Hankinson highlights the influence of Marxist-Leninist ideology, particularly through figures like Herbert Marcuse, in shaping the beliefs of these movements. He suggests that their ultimate goal is to dismantle capitalist America and replace it with a new societal order. This ideology, he argues, has permeated certain sectors of academia, leading to the propagation of what he deems as radical ideas.

The op-ed also points to specific individuals within the Biden administration who support these ideological positions. By citing tweets and statements from appointees like Avideh Moussavian and Claire Trickler-McNulty, Hankinson suggests that there are individuals in positions of power who advocate for the abolition of immigration enforcement agencies like ICE.

Hankinson extends his analysis to academia, where he identifies a trend of radical ideology infiltrating educational institutions. He references courses taught at prestigious universities like Columbia, which he views as promoting radical ideas under the guise of academic discourse.

In conclusion, Hankinson argues that the Biden administration’s open border policies are driven by a radical leftist ideology that seeks to dismantle existing societal structures. He warns of the consequences of these policies, both at the border and within academic institutions, and advocates for a more stringent approach to immigration enforcement.

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