Update on Evidence: Lindell Reveals Electronic Upload Set for Thursday on Supreme Court Evidence

Lou Dobbs talked to Mike Lindell recently for Frank Speech. Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, has been persistent in his message to the American people about electronic voting machines and their vulnerabilities, citing years of bipartisan controversies about their integrity. He has also been preparing audiences for a new development in his plea that he will give to the US Supreme Court on Thursday.

Lindell announced a press conference for Thursday evening:


This new article is an update to our earlier reporting:

Dobbs opened his recent interview by saying, “Lindell has been vilified, of course, for warning Americans about the vulnerabilities of electronic voting for years. He’s become the target of vicious and costly nonstop attacks. Mike, let’s turn first to what you plan to do. There on the steps of the Supreme Court this coming Friday.”

Lindell’s response was urgent.

“Well, first, this is breaking news. The lawyers are now moving into Thursday, and they’re going to do it electronically Thursday evening. They told me it’s not gonna be safe for me at the front of the Supreme Court. So and I kind of agree I haven’t been back there since January 7 of 2021. They said they don’t want anything to go wrong there and to make it about something else, so I had to reluctantly agree with them, but we need to get the word out.”

Lindell delved into the legal intricacies of his case, detailing past setbacks and recent developments.

“But here’s the great news, everybody,” Lindell said. “The law allows this, because they kicked us out on standing. It finally opens this door to the Supreme Court, and we’re able to add new evidence which just came about three months ago. This evidence is more explosive than any evidence I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot. This is this is going to shock the world on Thursday.”

Lindell went on: “And I’ve never been more optimistic and excited, I really believe these Supreme Court justices, they have grandchildren, children, they have families and they have neighbors, and they see the destruction of our country, just like they made the nine zero vote for the Constitution with the Colorado keeping our great real president on the ballot.”

Lindell called for public support and awareness of his challenge to the machines with a call to action: ” This is the time in history that I’ve been waiting for. This is the evidence you’re gonna see.”

The stage is set for a dramatic showdown on the steps of the Supreme Court, with Lindell poised to present what he believed to be the evidence that would change the course of history.


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