Video Of Group Marching On Capitol, Who Are They? Only Buzzfeed Knows

Here we go again! A large group of men marched in the dark to the US Capitol, in military formation- carrying flags, and the video of that quickly went viral on Saturday.

“How do I know the Patriot Front March is fake? Because the left is posting links about it like crazy and the right is wondering, “who are these people?” They need to create a caricature of you so that people will be hesitant to interact with you,” one poster wrote on social media.

The group had banners that identified them as “Patriot Front”, and they are rumored to have ties to the Klux Klux Klan or White Supremacists, according to citizen researchers and pundits.

There were no arrests and the group did have a police escort while they were marching, however, it all seems very strange. The group was estimated to be about

Reporter Kyle Becker posted, in reaction to the video that he was leaning toward it being a “False Flag operation”, which was a common theme with other posters on social media.

The left is not at all pleased, or they were very well prepared to act as if they were freaking out.
The men were transported by Uhaul, and no police bothered them at all. Interesting.
Most Conservative posters were very suspicious of the event and the group.
This looks and sounds like anything other than a Conservative or America First group.

No one had information on the group, but Buzzfeed from 2020.

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