Voice of Truth from the Darkness Says to Clear a Path for President Trump

Ben Bergquam had an opportunity to talk to a supporter of Donald J. Trump who spent time before Trump even announced he was running for President to prepare his community for many of the America First policy agendas that Trump would later implement.

Bergquam posted a recorded interview with James Tatum from Tennesse about his political and spiritual beliefs and his frustration with Black voters in general for not understanding Trump’s message.

“I love people, and I came up as a Black Panther. But I want to know what is wrong with Black people that they didn’t understand Trump’s ideas. I had the same ideas before I heard of Trump running, ” Tatum explained to Bergquam.

Tatum had even wanted to have a march of Washington with Pastors of many backgrounds to search for Populist answers to the problems the United States of America faces now.

Listen to this epic conversation:

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