WAR ROOM FIRE: We Need Policy Killers, Not Bambis to Demand Financial Cuts, Remember ‘Make DC Listen’

The annual battle over keeping the massive centralized administrative state in the US Government well funded and the ‘swamp creatures’ employed -is on again in Washington, DC. The US House is supposed to be considering the government’s budget and serving the American people- not helping keep the swamp employed, but some Republicans have forgotten their promises.

And everything hinges on the American people to shake off their apathy and make phone calls.



So, it is shutdown season on Capitol Hill.

Here is what the leader of the ‘Firebrands,” Steve Bannon, has been saying about the battlelines that have been drawn, from the War Room:


“We have 5 Trillion coming in and 7 Trillion going out,” Bannon said, plainly explaining the situation where the government is spinning out of control like a bunch of ‘drunken sailors’.

Most Americans recognize what Bannon is describing as something called Debt. Which is bad for Americans.

“Lets use our forcing function,” Bannon tells his audience, which means he wants people to make those phone calls and demand respect from their civil servants on this issue.

Bannon wants to see action, which translates to the American people pressuring their representatives to oppose the CR -and make the cuts needed once and for all.

“We are winning,” Bannon tells his audience to encourage them.

However, some GOP want to continue the spending almost as is- with some promise in the future to make the painful changes. That is called a “Continuing CR” or kicking the can down the road.


A handful of GOP are claiming that the shutdowns are bad for the Republican Party- but they have forgotten the inspirational shutdown of 2013 that helped build the MAGA movement when two Senators stepped out of the box and forced DC to listen to the people:

Recall the famous “Green Eggs and Ham” moment on the Senate Floor in 2013- demanding a shutdown:

This is key:

Every September since Barack Obama was elected- the US Government has these moments of looming shutdown, and some people see that having the Republicans in power- this year- and with their hands on the ‘purse strings,’ is like 2013 was- a perfect opportunity to be bold and get some things done by getting rid of the hugely unpopular government tactics to control us.

THINK for 2023: Getting rid of the ‘Weaponized and Woke’ as Bannon calls it.

However, what is stopping the progress to seal the deal- from getting rid of the massive funding of unpopular programs -are squishy Republicans who want to go along and get along with the Democrats and establishment still- and keep the enormous spending of those unpopular policies and groups going.

Bannon, who was instrumental in the successful government shutdown in 2013, when US Senator Mike Lee and Ted Cruz had that campaign to “Make DC Listen,” sees the looming September 2023 shutdown as an opportunity- once again- to grab the reigns of power and use the situation like happened in the past.

2013 Shutdown theme that worked perfectly:

The 2013 shutdowns were just enough of a motivating factor for Populist-Conservatives; after years of being bashed by Obama and leftists, the American people were energized into 2016 to elect Donald J. Trump.

And here we are again. But Republicans are dragging their feet about it- but the people are not helpless, as Bannon reminds them.

Not everyone is down with the idea that a shutdown is a good idea- and they are looking at continuing the spending for some period of time.

On Thursday War Room program, Bannon explained it perfectly:

And hosted a Republican who was disagreeing with Bannon about the tactics to serve the American people:

Bannon encouraged people to reach out to the GOP hold outs and help them understand the situation better. We will keep updating this unfolding situation as new information comes in.

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