Pioneer In Gender Transition Says Social Media And Peer Pressure Has ‘Gone Too Far’on Brainwashing

A 71-year-old psychologist, who presents as transgender, and who has mentored hundreds of teens while they transition has warned the public that the transgender movement has “gone too far” — and says that many are making life-changing decisions because it’s “trendy” and gets a person special privileges. The medical evaluator told media that peer pressure … Read more

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Slams Democrat Policies For Crime In NYC

Radical left Democrats, or ‘woke progressives,’ like Kamala Harris and her sister Mya Harris West, and their associates have worked hard and been successful at remaking the US criminal justice system and defunding and re-inventing many local police departments. Well-funded movements to replace law and order- with social justice have been overseen by strategic political … Read more