ACTION! Education Activist Has Epoch TV Spot You Don’t Want To Miss-Quick Interview

“My mission is to empower parents to educate their own children,” an education podcast activist, and Epoch TV show host, told Ben Bergquam, recently.

Bergquam is an investigative reporter for Real Americas Voice and a frequent guest on the War Room. He is also the founder of Frontline America and he uses his popular platforms to help support the significant grassroots movement in the United States; on topics like the Southern border, election reform, public education, and everything else that concerns Americans.

“We can talk about it, but it does no good if we don’t act upon it, Bergquam said, hoping to inspire a call to action on that day for embattled American parents. Bergquam wants people to watch Sorbo’s show and then put the great advice into action.

Key Point: Sorbo is the host of Epoch TV show called, “Schools Out”.


“With my friend @thesamsorbo of Schools Out on Epix TV and the Sam Sorbo Show talking about the Three F’s of education: Faith, Family and Freedom. Take back education and take back our country!” Bergquam wrote.

“They tell us that education is the three Rs, Reading-Writing and Arithmetic, but we know that is a lie- because that is not even three Rs. That is an R, a W and an A!. Even when a student can read, they still don’t know anything, so I boil it down to 3 F’s,” Sorbo told Bergquam.

Sam Sorbo talks to Bergquam about her plan to promote Faith, Family, and Freedom as the way to learn and construct education.

Check out the exchange between a great reporter and knowledgeable activist who identifies herself as “Family First! Actress, writer, speaker, homeschool mom”:

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