Many failthful Catholic believers have had enough of seeing their church push a Marxist agenda and they are going to protest, pray and educate as many people as they can about their move to reclaim the American Catholic Church.

There is a battle forming, and Church Militant is taking the fight to the people, both Catholic and non-Cathlic, and speaking out about why they want to shed the demonic worship of Marxism from their beloved church body in an all-day prayer event and press conference on July 20th in Washington DC. Details in the link below.

There will be a protest of the head bishops, a rally and a lengthy press conference in the Nation’s Capital, and Church Militant has invited the public and the media.


Please support this awesome group and their event by attending, watching and making a donation- if you feel so led:

Church Militant member Michael Voris appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon on Monday and talked about the press conference:

This is from the Church Militant:

Ever since the sham investigation by the Vatican into Bp. Joseph Strickland a couple weeks back, we’ve been thinking there’s much more at work here than just going after a bishop who posts Catholic truth on social media.

You’ve got to follow the bouncing ball here — but really, only just a little. The order came from the Congregation of Bishops in Rome to get to Tyler, Texas, and tell him politely to shut up. Stop going on about the Deposit of Faith and Catholic truth and all that stuff. Shut up, Joe.

But ask the question, How did Rome, the newly appointed head of the bishops’ congregation in Rome, even know of Strickland?

Well, obviously somebody alerted him (read: the enemies of the Church here in the United States, inside the Church). For the record, that doesn’t exactly narrow down the list of suspects, but what we can be certain of is that whoever made the initial reports, it would not have happened if the likes of Cupich or DiNardo or even the apostolic nuncio had not been called first.

Backstabbing bishops not only resent orthodoxy; they also resent America.GabTweet

Whoever reported it, one or more of these cowardly backstabbers in the USCCB agreed with it and said it would be good.

But ask a further question: These backstabbing bishops not only resent orthodoxy; they also resent America. “America last” is their cheer — as we highlighted in some recent Vortex episodes, that belief in socialism/communism as being superior to capitalism goes way back in the DNA timeline of the U.S. bishops.

It is almost impossible to stumble across a bishop who professes orthodoxy — like a Strickland — without also finding a political conservative at the same time. So if the loser-bishop gang could take out Strickland, or quietly arrange for it behind the scenes, they could actually kill two birds with one stone, a faithful and patriotic Catholic American.

The backstabbing bishop crowd can crow on about their Marxist political crap whenever they want, but a faithful bishop cannot be allowed to talk about conservative “America first” policies under any circumstances.

So for a double reason, Strickland had to go. They haven’t made it official yet, but they will. The Marxists in the Church are always working behind the scenes to get what they want. So this raised the further question of switching focus from the bishops’ lack of supernatural faith to their constant pushing and promoting of the Democratic Party agenda (read: communism), all dressed up as religious, of course, but communism nonetheless.

So a number of us got talking and decided to form what we call the “Deposit of Faith Coalition,” a group of more than a dozen Catholic or largely Catholic-led outfits sick of the bishops’ use of U.S. tax money to undermine the nation.

They use the money of the faithful to undermine the Faith, but they also use the money of Americans to undermine America. So we have decided to take this fight to them — the political fight as well as the spiritual one.

On Thursday, July 20, the Deposit of Faith Coalition will sponsor, first, a prayer rally outside of the headquarters of the bishops’ conference in D.C. at 11 a.m. that will go to 11:45. Then, starting at 1 p.m., the coalition will be hosting a large press conference with politically conservative media outlets to explain to them how the bishops are using U.S. tax dollars to help destroy America by pushing the Democrats’ agenda under the guise of “social justice.”

We will have four expert speakers making presentations in each of the following areas where the bishops have been complicit in undermining America: (1) the illegal immigration issue, (2) the climate change issue, (3) the gun control issue and (4) the religious censorship and anti-free speech issue.

The assembled media will be free, obviously, to ask questions of the experts at the end of each session, and then scrum with the speakers afterward. This will finally begin to shine a spotlight on the political corruption of the U.S. hierarchy outside the Catholic bubble (which is actually controlled by them). This will be the kickoff event, in a major way, right in their own backyard, but it will not be the last.

Church Militant will be livestreaming all of it beginning at 12:30 and wrapping up our coverage at 3 p.m., ET. All that information and further details are available by clicking on the provided link.

This is a first-time event ever in the Catholic world, a press conference highlighting all of this with non–bishop-controlled media covering it: It’s high time someone pushed back against all of it.

The bishops embraced Saul Alinksy way back, and it’s been a nonstop love affair ever since for decades. And almost no one has told that story. Now we are seeing all over America the fulfillment of that wicked alliance as the nation crumbles under the weight of communism, with the bishops stepping on the gas under the guise of “charity.”

This is a monumental effort on the part of us involved, and taking this on has a hefty price tag, as you can imagine. To help us financially with this much-needed endeavor and make a donation, please use the form below where you can make your tax-deductible gift to help choke off the bishops’ money supply of your tax dollars.

There are three avenues where the bishops can be hit financially.

First, they can simply have their funding cut off by Congress, where various appropriations committees shovel hundreds of millions of dollars to them each year.

Second, the IRS code can be amended so that the bishops are required to file public tax returns known as 990s, just like every other religious nonprofit. Currently, they are exempt from that, so it is nearly impossible to track the mountains of tax dollars handed to them. That is wrong. Americans should be able to know exactly how and where their money is being spent, no matter who is getting it.

Time to defund the U.S. bishops.GabTweet

And third, their tax-exempt status can simply be revoked. They are deeply involved in politicking, and only for the Democrats, and that kind of blatant political engineering runs afoul of the entire spirit of the tax-exempt status.

If you are in that neck of the woods, please come to the prayer rally in front of the bishops’ HQ on Thursday, July 20 at 11 a.m., ET. Spectators are also invited to attend the press conference at the National Press Club at 1 p.m., and seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those who cannot attend, again, you can watch the entire coverage, wall to wall, right here on Church Militant as we livestream this historic challenge to the U.S. bishops’ destruction of the American Republic.

The pushback, they need to really understand, has begun, and in a big way. Please donate whatever you can to help us turn this thing around. Time to defund the U.S. bishops.

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And please help support Church Militant and their excellent coverage of this all-day event that is sure to be history-making.

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