Call to Action: Foreign Gang Members in Migrant Shelters, AZ Rep. Biggs Wants Action From DC

Southern States are in turmoil and have what US Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) describes as an ‘extensial crisis’ because of the Federal policies of Democrat Joe Biden’s administration, which continue to push for open borders.

Biden’s permissive policies for the border decimate law enforcement’s ability to address the lawless situation on the border and also throughout the nation as migrants and illegal aliens are being moved around to distant American towns to start their new lives. No one knows anything about them, where they came from, or why they are here.

Biggs appeared on the War Room with host Steve Bannon. Together, they talked about how the US House and the US Senate should be reacting to the news of a massive human migration of military-aged men coming into our country unvetted and allowed free reign and government assistance to make this their home without any oversight.

Bigs gave Bannon some concrete ideas- that, hopefully, viewers will use to contact their elected officials and get them to push for actual security at our borders.


Longer interview:

Biggs talked to Fox News about the problem with unvetted aliens who are being streamlined into our nation:

Citing a Breitbart article that discussed the dangerous situation with gang members being housed in migrant shelters:

Here is the information to contact your reps:

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