AMERICANS DIED WITH COVID NOT OF COVID: Average Americans Are Smarter Than Our Overlords, Fauci Caught Lying

Undoubtedly, the average American citizen is more intelligent than a highly paid, highly educated political hack. Here is proof. Two political hacks appeared in video footage that quickly went viral,  showing them apparently trying to intimidate a man, a regular American- into getting a vaccine.

What we know now that we likely didn’t know when this video was taken was that everyone is going to get COVID and everyone dies at some point. In order to push the Big Pharma money-making shot, Fauci was telling people they needed the intervention because of how many people died OF COVID.

We don’t know the actual number of people who died FROM COVID. What we know is that the government hacks lied to the American people for a political agenda to exploit death and illness- using fear-mongering.

We do not know the exact timeframe of this footage, but it might show an early ‘tell’ of the deceit and corruption of the universal vaccine push that would destroy nations and end lives.  Dying FROM COVID is not the same as dying WITH COVID.

In the following video footage, two radical leftists- (taxpayer-funded burdens)- Anthony Fauci and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, ganged up on a resident, most likely of DC, and engaged with him in a debate over the way the government has pushed the vaccine on the little common people of the nation.

It appears that there are three people, two in green shirts from some public agency, including Democrat Muriel Bowser, who cares nothing at all about civil liberties or the humanitarian treatment of Americans who are being held as political prisoners, holding a clipboard, arguing with a man who appears to be a resident and homeowner.

The man appears to have far more understanding of Fauci’s creepy logic than Bowser, who continues to push at the man as he says he isn’t going to get their shot.

Fauci and Bowser try to make the case that there are “20 years of research” behind the COVID vaccine. . That is interesting. So Fauci is talking about developing a system of delivering a mass ‘vaccination’- not specifically of something called COVID-19. Because how would he have known 20 years ago that something like COVID-19 was going to need a ‘universal shot”?

The man pushes back on him and says that he sees that COVID is something like the Flu, pushing off the shot again, and then Fauci drops an excellent scare tactic.


Notice that Fauci here said that people died FROM COVID, but they didn’t. There is no proof that many people died FROM COVID- but we do know that people died WITH COVID- they didn’t die FROM COVID.

Everyone was going to get COVID- like they get the flu at some point, and everyone is going to die at some point. Counting people who died WITH COVID is like counting people who died and who drank water. Did water kill them?


The man calls Fauci out for using scare tactics.. and wasn’t he, right?

And what the average American citizen said- was a knockout punch to the fantasy of the two public officials who have no business directing people’s medical choices or anything else frankly.

Perhaps our Overlords will get off their pedestals when we get off our knees. The time of being ruled by morons needs to end.

Must watch:

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