“No Tresspassing” At Labyrinth of Taxpayer-Funded Cash Stations That Aim to help 100 Million Foreigners Resettle to USA

The resettlement program for the world’s victims of Communism and Socialism from many third-world countries is being driven by very lucrative organizations that are partnering with the United Nations to move economic migrants into the United States at the cost of the US Taxpayer.

So what Democrats and RINOS are doing to Americans is creating exactly the government system as migrants are fleeing.

Ben Bergquam, the host of Real America’s Voice Law and Border, reported an undercover interview of a Whistleblower- who blew the cover of the US Government for designing policies that assist illegal immigration and in fact creating a massive transfer of wealth from US taxpayers to the worlds economic migrants.

Check out his exclusive reporting:

The US Government is not just writing policies, as reported by Bergquam; they are also funding the massive shift in humanity into the country and then paying the people once they are relocated to the United States. His footage proving that is below.

As this crisis at the US Border where the migrants enter the US unfolds, Americans face massive domestic strife and economic hardships in their home communities. And it is hard not to notice that the Biden administration has abandoned Americans in several recent environmental disasters, offering them no resources at all.

Bergquam covered the details of one moving story of a Veteran who sees illegals get better treatment than anything he had received:

We know that Biden’s fantasy budget has many more opportunities for funding more federal programs, which he claims is for nonprofits to assist migrants. Biden has more social justice- transformative focused nonprofits than anything to help the American homeless or veteran situation, or those suffering from neglected infrastructure or environmental disasters.

And it gets even worse, as Bergquam shows in a recent video migrants in Luxury vehicles are picking up cash handouts, and they have been caught.

Frontline has covered the activities of Catholic Services, which is well known, and now thanks to this new footage by Bergquam, we have another massive labyrinth of charities, nonprofits, Non-Government Organizations (NGO), and US ‘administrative state” agencies, all who are making a lot of money, and who are funneling US Taxpayer money into the hands of economic migrants who have fled to the US.


Watch Bergquam’s footage while in Houston, where People who are running from their homelands, sometimes in their Lexus, get handouts at our expense. :

Bergquam’s reporting is accurate, exposing Epispicioal Church, which houses the Epispicioal Migration Ministry that received $1.3 Billion dollars in 2020, In offerings and PPP loans, according to their website.

It almost feels like a bribe to get that much money and then to use it to build massive government services dedicated to the nation’s transformation, with the money they got from a hurting nation. The Lutheran church was not alone in growing wealth during the COVID crisis.

“Religious organizations, having received as much as $10 billion in the first round of COVID-19 aid, hope to receive more funding under any new relief package,” according to NPR.

Churches of all denominations and other religious nonprofits took advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program, which provided forgivable loans under the CARES Act in March. The U.S. Catholic Church alone received at least $1.4 billion in funding and possibly as much as $3.5 billion under the program, according to to an analysis  by the Associated Press, using data provided by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

And what did they build with the money? An agency that has its eyes on 100 million worldwide migrants.

“The Episcopal Church seeks to address issues of global migration and its root causes as the number of displaced people surpasses 100 million worldwide. We work to protect the human rights and safety of refugees by supporting the refugee resettlement work of Episcopal Migration Ministries. Further, we are committed to advocating for humane immigration policies that respect the dignity and worth of every human being and for comprehensive immigration reform. According to their website.

Bergquam watched just a short period at the Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston’s Refugee Services department, who, according to their site work in partnership with the massive Luethern Chuch services and the US Government.

That is the Democrat’s idea of private/public partnerships.

Here is how the agency, Interfaith Services, at the site where Bergquam filmed, is described at the website:

“In conjunction with the U.S. State Department and Episcopal Migration Ministries, resettles legal refugees fleeing their homeland in fear of political, social or religious persecution. IM helps refugees from around the world make new lives in America. Over 90% of the clients we serve are self-sufficient, productive community members within 6 months.

Today, there are an estimated 22.5 million refugees, over half of whom are under 18. Women and children constitute the majority of these displaced people. Each year, hundreds of these refugee families arrive in Houston through Interfaith Ministries.

In the fall of 2021, the United States experienced the greatest influx of refugees in its history when Kabul fell. Thousands of Afghans, many of whom had been working with American troops, fled in fear for their lives. Interfaith Ministries has welcomed and is working with more Afghans than any other local agency.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to support our refugees, please click here. If you would like to conduct a donation drive or make an individual donation, view our wish list for items needed to help make a new home for refugees.

In the past 30 years, Interfaith Ministries’ Refugee Services has served refugees from over 30 countries.”

And that is just barely brushing the surface of the amount of money that is being funneled from taxpayers, and comingled with foreign funds and ‘charity’ to displace the American people from the nation we loved so much.

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