Anti-American NGOs Seen Driving Border Crisis, Cause Humanitarian Crisis

Real America’s Voice Ben Bergquam condemned the exploitation and abuse of migrants by cartels, which he says has been organized by groups like Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, and Jewish Family Services in the name of religion.

Bergquam told a panel on Monday that he disputes their understanding of the Bible and that groups are actually profiting from the suffering of migrants and engaging in human trafficking.

We covered that exact topic:

He explains that this is, in large part, why he supports President Donald Trump. Trump’s America First agenda for the nation embodies the values of God, family, and country, in contrast to the opposition, whom Bergquam, from his many complex investigations into the border crisis, associates with death, destruction, misery, and murder.

Bergquam believes the upcoming election is a battle between good and evil, with Trump representing the side of good.


According to another recent segment on Real America’s Voice with Abe Hamadeh, the America First agenda is a policy stance that emphasizes American exceptionalism, non-interventionism, and American nationalism. It prioritizes the interests of the United States above all else, focusing on domestic issues and promoting policies that are seen as beneficial for American citizens.

This approach seeks to strengthen the country economically, politically, and socially by advocating for policies that prioritize Americans’ needs and well-being. It has been associated with various actions, from renegotiating trade deals and reducing reliance on foreign countries for essential goods to limiting immigration and prioritizing American jobs. The term “America First” was originally coined by President Woodrow Wilson during his 1916 campaign and has been used by various political figures and movements to emphasize the importance of American sovereignty and self-interest in international relations.

Hameheh remarked the America First movement late last week:

Bergquam’s condemnation of the exploitation and abuse of migrants by cartels and religious groups underscores a profoundly divisive issue about immigration, humanitarianism, and politics.

His support for President Donald Trump’s America First agenda reflects a broader ideological stance that prioritizes national interests and sovereignty, particularly regarding border security and immigration policies.

This perspective views Trump as embodying values aligned with God, family, and country while framing political opposition as representing what many people see as destructive forces.

The America First movement, as articulated by Bergquam and other supporters of President Trump, emphasizes American exceptionalism, non-interventionism, and nationalism, seeking to prioritize domestic concerns and strengthen the nation economically, politically, and socially.

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