END THE UN MIGRATION! Dems’ Border Security Pivot: Political Theater Amid 2024 Elections is a Joke

As the impending congressional elections draw near, Democrats are actively engaging with the issue of border security, an area historically used against them by Republicans for being unconcerned with security.

In their bid to sway voter sentiment, especially as Democrat Joe Biden is seen sinking in polling, Democrats are positioning themselves as capable handlers of border challenges.

But that is laughable. Democrats are play-acting; they are not addressing the real issue that Democrat Barack Obama got us into, Republican Donald Trump got us out of, and Democrat Joe Biden got us into again- and that is the UN Global Compact for Migration, which is at the root of this massive disaster on our nation.


Critics of their election strategy, argue that if the Democratic Party were genuinely serious about addressing border control, it would reconsider its involvement in the United Nations Global Compact on Migration— which is a nonbinding agreement that even European nations regard as such.

The European Union’s stance on the Global Compact on Migration underscores its nonbinding nature, affirming that participating states do not incur legal obligations under domestic or international law. Moreover, the compact respects national sovereignty and does not impede states’ rights to determine their migration policies.

We have covered the UN Migration Compact with the US here:

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Desperate Democrats, engaging in political theater, continue to emphasize their commitment to border security, seeking to distance themselves from what they view as divisive Republican rhetoric.

But Democrats are not actually doing what they claim to be doing.

This strategic shift in campaigning comes amidst the Biden administration’s recent struggles in managing the influx of illegals.

In their attempt to outmaneuver Republicans, Democrats are elevating their newest proposals for effective border management, aiming to present themselves as credible actors in resolving the challenges exacerbated by their partnership with the United Nations.

This strategic pivot is particularly evident in battleground races like Arizona’s Senate contest, where Democrats strive to counter Republican attempts to link them to President Biden’s handling of immigration.

Rather than merely reacting to Republican accusations, they are now advocating for what they claim are concrete measures, including more resources for border security agencies and supporting impacted communities—a move critics label as throwing money at a problem they helped create.

But that does nothing to change the permissive policies of the Biden regime under UN dominance, so the effectiveness of their promises remains a point of contention among voters.

Democrats aim to appeal to swing voters who prioritize effective border management over political posturing. This marks a shift in their approach to immigration issues for the 2024 elections.

Hopefully, people are on to the Democrat’s games by now.

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