Anti-Communists Stand for Trump Outside Court House in Midsts of Bomb Threats

President Donald J. Trump was scheduled to surrender to authorities on Tuesday in Florida. Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, was on the scene to interview participants,

The massive group of media who were interested in the story and the supporters of Trump who gathered outside of the court house to witness Trump entering the building were joined by protestors as well.

Government abuse was on the minds of a number of people in the area:

There were also reported to be members of Antifa who were expected to be at the scene at 2 PM, according to Bergquam’s earlier reports:

Bergquam got a chance to chat with a group of people who had come to be a part of the day’s events and they discussed Communism- of all things- which is ironic for the situation they were in with Donald Trump being persecuted by the government again:

Bergquam also reported to Real America’s Voice more details about the situation outside the courthouse to set the scene for the audience:
We covered the movement of police in the media area in front of the courthouse after they discovered what they believed to be a bomb threat:

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