Bomb Threat: Lack of Security at Court Leaves People in Danger- Bergquam Reports Live

Ben Bergquam is reporting to Steve Bannon on the War Room that the media have been moved back from the court area in Florida, where President Trump is expected to surrender to authorities.

Law enforcement confirmed that they moved the media because of a bomb threat, Bannon reported saying there were some comments about a package being found outside the courthouse, and dogs were in the area that were presumably ‘bomb sniffing dogs’.

Here is what Maureen Bannon reported live from the area:

According to Bergquam, there is a massive media presence at the courthouse, and Bannon is reporting that the media is being moved based on a bomb threat and that he feels that the security in the area is poor and weak.

Here is part of that interview:

Coverage of the Florida Court House begins around 11:00

Bannon repeated numerous times that he was worried about what looked like the build-up of leftist activists who appeared to be gathering in the same area with the media.

Trump is expected to speak from his Florida home this evening.

We will update this as well get more information…

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