Bannon Daily- MAGA Broke the Fever-War Room Ep. 3072, 3073,3074

Steve Bannon started out his program on Oct. 3, 2023, by lamenting the age-old problem he has talked about for many years, saying that the government is getting bigger and more prosperous. The American people are getting poorer. By the end of his morning programming, Bannon was encouraging his audience to keep calling and pressure their representatives to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, something that had never happened before in American history.

So, while Bannon hung in there and encouraged people to keep fighting, things did look grim.

However, history was made, and the audience and the organizing power of the War Room program made a lot of difference.

From War Room 5 PM Show:

Here is what Bannon started his morning telling his audiences:

“The Cartel controls the Imperial Captial. The moneyed interest of anyone on McCarthy’s side is on the side of those who delivered debt to the American people. There are 33 Trillion dollars in debt [14:00-17:00], adding that the debt was “drawing the American Republic to her doom because the American people will be Debt Slaves. Break your chains and call your reps,” he said.

The show opened with a clip of Rep. Matt Gaetz announcing that he was vacating the Speaker position and went on to show an MSNBC host calling Gaetz supporters an “extreme element.”

Bannon then tied together a clip of President Trump at the Court House talking about his financial statements discounting the NY AG the numbers are fraudulent.

“It is all about stopping President Trump and tying it together with what McCarthy is doing. Kevin McCarthy put the knife in President Trump’s back,” Bannon said. [17:00]

Bannon talked about the viral news from Monday that was the weird judge overseeing Trump’s trial.

“The Judge looks like a Nazi judge- Max Evans made a video showing that he is close to a Nazi,” Bannon said. LINK TO VIDEO

Bannon added, “The judge is a disaster- they are trying to liquidate his properties and take away his business- this is part of the 30-part war. Then there is McCarthy, and Gaetz has the votes to remove him, but it is questionable whether the Democrats will help save McCarthy; today is the defining moment.”

15 Minutes before the Evening War Room program, history was made when US Rep Kevin McCarthy was removed from his position as Speaker of the House, which was the first time in history.

Episode 3072: Motion To Vacate Pushes On In The House and

SIGNAL [11:30] Jamie Diamond is CEO of the most elite client list, JP Morgan, who said there is a potential fed. Reserve interest rates for 7%, which will be massive federal spending. The government is up 40%this town is getting more wealthy and more powerful.

“McCarthy is going to try parliamentary tricks- he won’t answer the question about side deals- running the tales on the American people,” Bannon said. [13:00]

[16:00] update on where the reps were on a motion to vacate McCarthy.

McCarthy, in panic mode, will fill a motion to table Gaetz motion. “To do this, McCarthy is going to crush people; you should see what they are doing to Matt Gaetz nonstop stop, and the pressure is enormous to say their career is over. It is axiomatic- whatever Murdock is FOR you should be against. They are the cheerleaders for the Ukraine War, the Iraq War, cheerleaders for Debt deal. You are either going to stop this, or the country is over. It is very ugly. [21:00]

Taxes need to be raised on progressives, the ones who put you all through this; they are making fortunes and getting bailed out, and why they don’t want you to understand it- take it from Jamie Diamond. That is going to get worse.

The Financial infrastructure can not tolerate this for too long. Eat, drink, and be Merry – [22:00] but the people who want to bequeath this nation to our children think otherwise to put our Republic’s interests first.

Talk about the cost of the Invasion on the Border and woke Ideology, makes, and vaccines, but they can not get away from the “Law of Large Numbers” math. The powers that be do not want to give up their power

#2 Pencils- Scoop- They do not think highly of you and your decision-making, your values and how you raise your family, or your ability to think through complex topics; they are managerial elite backed by a financial elite. [25:00-28:00]

[30:00] Nothing has happened from the Committees because they can not issue subpoenas.

The decision to toss McCarthy- talk about calling reps to pressure them to get rid of McCarthy. “They are defaulting on your every day. They could take care of it. You are in a jam,” Bannon said, mentioning a CNN article. [35:00]

“They are focused on Ukraine and Younkin.” [37:00]

Mike Davis [41:00] talked about the lawfare facing Trump for noncrimes and proven corruption going to Bidens for real crimes. “We have a compromised President of the US by the worst countries in the world,” Adams.

Episode 3072: Motion To Vacate Pushes On In The House

Episode 3073: Information Is Currency, And They Are Withholding It From You

It opened with a clip of McCarthy saying that keeping the government open was making the same talking points. With Mike Adams, Bannon talked about the process that people had for implementing appointees and the way they were going to go after the executive order to fix the country and deconstruct the administrative state.

[2:24] Mike Adams talked about successful cases under President Trump and what he thinks the US Supreme Court will bring back the federal government, dividing up the power where it is supposed to be and removing power from bureaucrats.


“When people are talking about limited government, this is an all-out war against the Levianathan that the founders did not want to happen, so they need to be on our side. [7:15]

Peter Navaro was on and talked about the dangers to the financial system from Biden’s policies. [8:00]

“We are going to be spending all of our money to pay off of Debt- not anything that the people want with the schools or the infrastructure; what do we have to do to make McCarthy listen?” Navarro said. [11:15]

“This is about money and power and they want to elevate Youngkin, ” Bannon said. [12:00]

Bannon brought up Jamie Diamond again, tying together the debt, drop in tax revenue and payment on interest. [12:50]

Navvaro jumped on Jamie Diamond, seeing a problem now, and slammed McCarthy, saying that the Republicans are destroying the country with fiscal irresponsibility. [14:00]

Bannon read a list of problems with the work McCarthy had done, “McCarthy’s people have no allowed any subpoenas to go out, and they took out E-Verify from the border bill,” Bannon said, “today is the day to lance the biol. They are going to try every parliamentary trick possible. They have dove the country into the ground, funneling money into Ukraine and China.”

Bannon talking about Trump leading on the polls, what he faces from his opponents, and what Mike Lindell faces with his business If you are associated with they will torch them like people saying a rosary and what did Peter Navarro do? That he wanted to bring manufacturing jobs back for the American people,” Bannon said. [22:00]

The government is taking the form of an authoritarian government like the CCP. [22:00] Bannon talked about the notations of the Revolutionary War.

[24:00] We talked about how McCarthy has been holding back Committees like Oversight and Weaponization, which is more of why McCarthy needs to be removed.

[25:00] Described a project called “Wokefair”.

[28:00] MSNBC clip about the likelihood of Democrats voting to save McCarthy. “There is no unity here, it won’t happen.

“We must send a message to the cartel that we are not ready to do this spending anymore,” Bannon said.

More details about McCarthy’s removal from War Room evening show:

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