Conniption on the Hill, NC Patrick McHenry Temp. Speaker Rages Over McCarthy

On Tuesday, for the first time in American history, his own party removed the Speaker of the House from leadership. Republican US Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

A group of eight House Republicans joined with Democrats Tuesday in a historic vote to remove Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

The House will now have to elect a new speaker.

The vote in the House of Representatives on the motion to vacate was 216-210, with Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz leading the effort. Because of the GOP’s razor-thin majority in the House and a Democratic conference united against him, McCarthy needed the support of nearly all of his party’s members to keep the gavel.

It was not immediately clear who would replace the California Republican, and GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina was named speaker in the interim.

Here are the House Republicans who voted to oust McCarthy:

  • Andy Biggs of Arizona
  • Ken Buck of Colorado
  • Tim Burchett of Tennessee
  • Eli Crane of Arizona
  • Matt Gaetz of Florida
  • Bob Good of Virginia
  • Nancy Mace of South Carolina
  • Matt Rosendale of Montana

The half that lost is not happy, as evidenced by the temper tantrum by the temporary Speaker, who will remain in that position until the next election, which will be one week from Wednesday.


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