Bannon Daily: The ‘Mao Red’ Winter is Coming for MAGA- War Room Ep. 3081 and 3082

On Oct 6, 2023, the Host of War Room, Steve Bannon, laid out his extensive and detailed advocacy of the American people, combined with his knowledge of history’s greatest humanitarian crisis. He wove it all with guests who could discuss today’s dangers to the American Republic.

The theme of today’s show is – if we don’t learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Jack Psobeic warned the audience that danger is coming for the MAGA movement, and the public is being gaslighted about the causes of the problems our nation faces. The War Room warning signal is based on the most recent Newsweek article discussed in this episode and other factors that Bannon talked about today- so it is not a hard stretch to understand.


REAL CHAOS-as addressed by Bannon, it is a little mystery why the US House of Reps doesn’t know what the audience of the War Room knows.

The show ended with Dave Bratt discussing something that perked up Bannon’s ears and made him sit upright- Brat talked about CNBC Rick Santilli and the four horses. Check this out: (SANTILLI ON TIK TOK TALKING ABOUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING-THE REAL CHAOS)


William Arkin [28:00], a reporter with national security and intelligence background, talked about his Newsweek article “Exclusive: Donald Trump Followers Targeted by FBI as 2024 Election Nears.”

Jack Psobeic [45:00], the editor of Human Rights, talked about the importance of the Newsweek article and the similarities to what the FBI is doing and the Maoist tactics used in China’s cultural revolution.

Mike Lindell [1:20:00], owner of My Pillow, talked about the most recent media hits on him and the government’s attack on his contract labor employees.

Raheem Kassam [1:28:00] talked about his interview with President Trump and the Islamist MSNBC’s attack on him over the interview. (ARTICLE HERE)

Natalie Winters [1:41:00] talked about her most recent War Room article. (ARTICLE HERE)

Dave Bratt, [1:53:00] former US Rep Virginia, talked about economics.

RANT INDUCING CLIPS: MSNBC’s Opening clip with Matt Gaetz talking about the War Room and proceeded to show talking heads who were all displaying the thinking of the corporate media’s fear of the War Room and the Maga movement, accusing people of:

Being agents of chaos

Destroying institutions

Sowing discourse

TRIGGER POINT: Hillary Clinton is seen saying that supporters of her political opponent, President Donald Trump, need to go to ‘re-education camps”. (SEE THE CNN INTERVIEW CLIP OF HILLARY FROM SEB GORKA)

CLIFFHANGER: Why is the ‘new’, -post Sept 11, 2021- FBI investigating Trump supporters to identify them as potential “domestic violent extremism”? Why was this not brought up at any House Committees that we were told were doing such great work? Are Gulags in the future for MAGA, and what is anyone who wants to be Speaker of the House going to do about these concerns? And why is an Islamist hate Preacher, the head of MSNBC, talking about Americans as extreminists?


Bannon talked about these topics:

Applebaum’s book on Stalin’s War On Ukraine

China’s Great Leap Forward

[11:00] “They are in a state of shock and do not let these corrupt political hacks destroy this Republic. They are a uni-party and against you,” Bannon said.

[13:00] NYTimes article. “If the New York Times were not printed every morning, then MSNBC would be a test pattern.” The victory of removing the Speaker is the victory of the War Room audience. (RUMBLE CLIP Steve Bannon: Every Major Story On The New York Times Today Is About YOU)

Bannon said that pattern recognition – is a signal. We need a signal. He pointed out pattern recognition numerous times.


Deconstructing the New York Times front page from Friday- Bannon discussed the placement of the news and what it means for MAGA.

Episode 3081: They Want A Formal Deprogramming OF The MAGA Cult

[15:00] McCarthy is gone because of the debt deal. Talking about the placement of more articles. “Biden is now going to build a wall. They called you a racist for that, and now look at this paper with pattern recognition. You are driving the politics, and they hate it – you have forced Biden to build a war, forced them to address debt, and also said about funding Ukraine- not over my dead body,” Bannon said.

[20:00] Clip of Hillary Clinton CNN interview again saying there needs to be a “formal reprogramming”.

[22:54] Bannon talked more about the pattern of stories in the New York Times to understand the left’s messaging. “You are the sowers of chaos,” Bannon said. “We are talking about deprogramming the government.” (RUMBLE CLIP “Steve Bannon: “The Elites In This Country Are The Sowers Of Chaos”)

Named off financial indicators of real “chaos”

The Border is out of control, and that is “real chaos”

“You are the underpinnings of civic society- and you have been that rock whatever.

EPIC RANT [26:00] These are the people who are saving the country, and the elite are the sowers of chaos. Bannon crushed Hillary Clinton in a rant.

GUEST [28:00] Interview William Arkin, Newsweek, talking about a shocking article regarding the FBI investigating Trump supporters for a new domestic violence category. Arkin spoke about his background, which is essential to understand, considering the nature of his story. (RUMBLE LINK Exclusive: Donald Trump Followers Targeted By FBI As 2024 Election Nears)

[35:00] Bannon talked about why the War Room audience has been targeted for confronting the elite, who are the real sowers of chaos. “Hillary Clinton wants you formally reprogrammed,” Bannon said. “And Arkin is no right-wing guy on some of the biggest papers.”

Bannon asked about what the report might have to do with the Speaker’s fight, asking that the Committees hadn’t addressed what was in his article. “I asked an FBI guy once who was talking about fentanyl and gun violence, but statements by the administration show that they were more interested in domestic violence, which was explained to him as support for Trump is a threat to Washington.”

[40:00] ‘No one is questioning this movement for labeling the American people as domestic terrorists.’

[41:00] Discuss the FBI’s program to target Catholics participating in Latin Mass.

[42:00] Is the FBI the right agency for this?

GUEST [45:00] Jack Psobeic- “We have reached the place of a one-party state and turned against dissidents.” Psobeic discussed the timeline for identifying “domestic extreminists” from Joe Biden to Hillary Clinton. (RUMBLE LINK Jack Posobiec: FBI Adopts Cultural Revolution Tactics To Target Trump Supports)

Psobeic talked in-depth about the similarities between the Maoist Revolution and what is happening in the USA today. (RUMBLE LINK Jack Posobiec: Hillary Clinton’s Interviewing For The Head Of The People’s Commissars)

[53:00] Bannon talked about the top targets of the “State” with Psobeic, who spoke about the people whom Stalin targeted: “the people who refused to go along with collectivism, who declined to say ‘I will own nothing and be happy.”

[55:00] Bannon brought up Ann Applebaum’s book on Ukraine and compacted it to the ‘Great Leap Forward” in China, discussing the history of religious leaders being first targeted for organizing the people. The upper-class peasantry- because they are lines of dissent and the final line of defense,” Psobeic.

Episode 3082: Targeting The ‘MAGA Extremists’

[1:02:00] Clip of Jim Jordan talking to Sean Hannity about “uniting the party.” Bannon trashed the Southern coalition and the corruption in the state parties because they voted as a block for the establishment, and they are MAGA states.

[1:07:00] Is Jim Jordan already saying we will have another CR? He used to be a great warrior and gave us mumbo jumbo. The motion to vacate is non-negotiable. (RUMBLE CLIP Steve Bannon Declares New Motion-To-Vacate Precedent As “Non-negotiable”)

RANT [1:10:00] “That was a pitch to MAGA, and he wants a new CR.. why is Bill Arkin coming up with something that should have been broken on the weaponization committee? What are you doing back home? Get to work?”

[1:11:00] Posbeic -“Jordan talks about significant issues but doesn’t deliver. Why must we read about this in Newsweek and not from the government committee? Then tell us that you will put Matt Gaetz on weaponization. It was the. Now they are setting up for The Mao Red Winter is coming. “

[1:13:00] Bannon brought up a headline on Drudge and talked more about Hillary Clinton talking about “formal deprogramming centers.” Psobeic said, “We saw what they did with the 300-pound guy who was shot and killed. We all need to talk with our family about what happens when they come to the door for us.”

Psobeic: “People are very concerned, and the Speaker needs to meet the moment. The people are frightened about weaponized government doesn’t care about Ukraine.”

Bannon said: “They have had ten months and done nothing.”

[1:20:00] Mike Lindell talked about the Morning Joe show- “I did 22 interviews, and said they all wanted to pile on. We are going to win. I am not going to stop.” (RUMBLE LINK Support Lindell’s Fight Against The Establishment By Checking The WarRoom Square At

[1:26:00] Clip of Mehndi Hassam of MSNBC talking about Islam

GUEST [1:28:00] Raheem Kassam talked about how MSNBC was trashing him and his report, his history with Mehndi Hassam, and his attack on anti-Muslims. “We have not forgotten from 10 years ago his things he was screaming in the mosques then.”

[1:35:30] Talked about Raheem’s cred as an organizing force for Brexit and about the hatred that Raheem and Bannon experienced that Mehndi Hasan has for non-Muslims. “He says things that are the definition of hate; he is an Islamic hate preacher,” Raheem said.

[1:38:00] Why is he the lead anchor on MSNBC, “listen as he describes people here in the US who support Trump as domestic extreminists. I want answers about why he is on their program pushing extreminists,” Raheem said, adding he will be covering this topic again.

CO-HOST: [1:41:00] Natalie Winters talked about her reporting for the War Room on Ukraine and how a top Democrat tweeted that Natalie is a “Pawn of Putin” and discussed the Democrat’s background.

GUEST: [1:53:00] Dave Bratt talked about the economic platform he ran in 2014, which the media is reporting today.

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