Bannon Daily: Trump Will Be Nominated Speaker- War Room Ep. 3078 and 3079

On today’s War Room, Steve Bannon highlighted some clips from liberal media, who were in a meltdown over the loss of Kevin McCarthy. They blamed supporters of President Trump for being “extreminists.” They targeted Bannon after a New York Times article reported that Bannon was broadcasting from a basement and was responsible for 8 US Reps voting to remove Kevin McCarthy from leadership as Speaker of the House.

Oct 5, 2023, opens with Morning Joe calling Populist Conservatives- “fascists’ over what Bannon did.


US Rep Troy Nehls Republican- TX

Darren Beattie, Editor of


Revolver News- this is a critical piece. It is the blueprint for fighting back against the Department of Justice.

Fox News reported that if we do not cut spending, we are heading to a Depression. Article Here

Cliffhanger: My Pillow faces financial ruin over election interference. Lindell told Bannon he won’t stop advocating for securing elections. Thursday news is expected to be pessimistic about the economic fate of My Pillow, an employee-owned company.

Episode 3078: The Illiberal Populists Fighting Back and Episode 3079: Striking Back Against The Weaponized Justice System

Big Highlight: Rep. Nehls will nominate President Trump for Speaker of the House:

[11:00] Banon talked about the Depression coming and the border invasion causing problems. Mayorkas is going to build a wall now, and wasn’t Trump a racist for that?

The managed decline has turned to accelerated deterioration- and the bottom is falling out.

[13:00] Bannon talked about a TWEET From 275 Billion dollars to a new deficit because of social security and slammed Fox News as a “Globalist Foreigner Businessman’.

More of what Bannon said:

Compare Fox to War Room- they are using mindless talking points. 3 Million illegals are coming into the US, and all you have done is pass a messaging bill. And in your phony CR, you gave away E-Verify, proving this is all about the donors and what they want.

We are having a wake for lobbyists- and we are going to have a Depression brought about by what you have done by giving away unlimited spending- go find out what long bonds your credit cards and car loans are blowing up. Get ready to start throwing stuff over who did it, K-Street, as long as the EMperial Calptial gets their CR, and they are angry at you for not saying that the border is a myth.

“It is all over. You have taken enough,” Bannon said

[20:00] MSNBC Clip of attack on Trump… More Morning Joe Bannon called ‘Happy Talk Spin.”

“It is only when it became uncomfortable for them that the border became an issue for Eric Adams. They do not care about the issues that have happened because of the illegal invasion. They could not care less about the crimes and deaths in those areas near the border.”

We have had 3 Million – 6 Million, and we don’t know where they are, and they don’t do DNA tests to see if the little children are their children. They get $4500 per month for the kids. Do you get that?

Great Depression is coming, according to BOB DAHL.

[25:00] Bannon said:

More on the coming Depression to save the elites, which will destroy the working class and middle class. You have never gotten a bailout. There was a golden age in 2019 when things came together for Blue Collar Americans, and here we are today. Do they hate Gaetz? These beta males are angry and focused on Gaetz and not getting work done. The South is a disgrace; Republicans are a disgrace. You have not stood and delivered; your votes are for the Globalist elite. This moron still doesn’t understand what he did.

Damocle’s sword is over. This country has a 33 Trillion dollar Debt- because we won’t pay off the principle on how to stop that and pay the interest. We are in the lost decades now with 1.5% growth; if you are under 40, you are lost. Continue to vote for this madness. You are going to be lost. We did this to ourselves in 2008 because of these thieves.

They only understand smashmouth; otherwise, they will roll you.

[35:00] Rep Troy Nehls talked about making President Trump Speaker: “he could be speaker for 14 months and run for President and then move right over to the White House. I believe that the American people need leadership, and the majority looks at him with other candidates- Trump is clobbering him all. He is running away with the administration, and we must embrace that the Republica conference needs to bring him and let him eld us because the American people support him. He will help us achieve conservative bills and pass the appropriations, and Trump can take that into the House of rep.s

[38:00] We will do this by closed doors and find one candidate, get behind that person, and come out with that person. There will be people talking about funding with Ukraine. It could take some time, and it won’t be easy. Trump could be there for the interim and get investigations.

[40:00] “I think he should step down after one year,” Bannon said.

Nehls said:

I am going to predict that they have either endorsed Trump or he endorsed them- so if they accept his support – if that is good enough, why wouldn’t he be good enough to be our speaker- I have spoken to President Trump, but I can not share that.

[42:53] It is done. I am going to nominate Donald Trump as Speaker.

[43:30] RNC is talking about canceling the debates. Murdock is mad about their creation of McCarthy, and the Debates are to get rid of Trump.

The RNC didn’t have anything to do with the Fox debates. They are antipopulists.

Another CR is coming; don’t blame the eight heroes for it. The “Therapeutic Culture” destroyed the country when we had all the leverage and took the caps off the spending because of the donors – because they knew tax raises were coming on the wealthy. Look at the attacks on the family and the radical nature of the bills. Why shouldn’t they pay for it?

[47:00] They own the political system; look at the hatred of Gaetz over fundraising because the lobbyists back them. I told you the masks would come off, and you would see who you are governed by. Since every action is accelerating the decline, they are getting theirs.

A depression like the 1930s awaits us, and they hate you for exposing their hypocrisy, and they hate that you have a say.

[52:00] Morning Joe Clip about Ukraine spending- Natalie Winters talked about her reporting.

[56:00] “They have committed 80 Billion by Sept 30 of 2024, will be 200 Billion dollars to Ukraine, and that is what the elites have done, and that is after the Iraq war, while working-class sons and daughters are sick and dead, and are their children there? How many Americans died in Iraq for Bush’s war of choice, but the Bush daughters didn’t go there? How about the drug-addict children of Biden? That is the quality of the elite in this country.

America is for American citizens and what they do not care about. They do not care about the self-determination of this nation or these citizens. And now everywhere, and the clown mayor of that city is down there telling people not to come to New York after saying you were a sanctuary city.

[58:00] Commercial real estate going through a free fall Bannon talked about how Trump was persecuted over the wall and how they now want a wall.

I say bring Trump in for 100 days, get things sorted out, and go in the right direction. You live in days of history- you don’t need to go to TikTok, just watch on the War Room.

Episode 3078: The Illiberal Populists Fighting Back

[1:03:00] Bannon questioned the motivation behind the elites wanting to dump money into Ukraine and talked about financial problems with government spending.

[1:06:00] Birch Gold, Nixon, 4th edition of Bannon’s Debt Ceiling work is about financial models.

“I would like to see the financial models of what they went off of at the US House,” Bannon said. Do you think they would have a depression here, in these towns? With those boutiques and restaurants, Golf courses. It is a hell hole from crime, but a lot of money is going through here, and they are grabbing it with two hands.

Bannon discussed a slight disagreement with Borris about saving things with just energy. Bannon is saying they have to get at government spending.

I propose a massive tax increase on the wealthy – all the people who line up against Trump “You bought this on, all of the people who are carpet bombing Gaetz- and they need to know their taxes are going to get increased- who do you think funds the NGO’s all these progressive billionaires. Look at Catholic Charities. All the media is covering this up.

Look at the Financial Times of London gives us a solution. In an article, they say the key is to join the European Union; they want an expansion fund of Brussels.. it is a money laundering operation.

[1:13:00] Natalie Winters talked about her article on about Ukraine funding.

[1:21:00] Go to the mirror and look deep into the eyes of a Debt salve- that is what this fight is about. And it is being done to you by evil people who do not care about the citizens and the money laundering going through Ukraine right now – look at the anger- they do not have at it toward the CCP or what is destroying the schools and your families? No?

We dare you to throw Gates out; the wrath of the others will be something you have never seen, and everything talked an extensive check from progressive evil foreigners would understand this.

[1:25:00] Natalie Winters talked about her reporting.

[1:30:00] Darren Beatie talked about his reporting. “Ukraine is a playground for our elite and the obsession is Russia to make them a vassal state of the US.”

[1:35:00] Lindell Dominion filed drops as our attorney’s American Express devastating our credit- and I told all these attorneys I have to protect my company, so they had to drop My Pillow- the media is going to attack us and file- great lawyers and the lawfare is burdening them. I have to get new lawyers- all I know is that I am fighting for my company, the evil that is out there- employee-owned company- I will deal with that for my first amendment- I will never settle these- I will never stop fighting or agree with the evil that is out there. They are hiding what is out there. Murdocks selected- but they were in on it- they can come after me- Fox never answered us- and they settled for nothing, and that will all come out. Fox News doesn’t talk about the election machines or vaccines.

We need support now more than ever- my employees getting My Pillow

[1:45:00] Bannon talked about the Gag order on Trump and other attacks on Rudy Guiliani

Beatie spoke about his reporting Article HERE

Episode 3079: Striking Back Against The Weaponized Justice System

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