Bannon Daily- Power Back to the People- War Room Ep. 3075 and 3076

On War Room today, Steve Bannon highlighted the historic work of people who are motivated by their principles and doing their duty to the American Republic. Bannon talked about the historic opposition they face while attempting to use their government positions to end the funding of what Bannon has dubbed “Leviathan,” or the massive debt-creating machine that is coming out of Washington DC.

What you are seeing unfold is a Populist Revolt:

And there is a combined battle to save the American Republic. You are going to want to join in now. Here is the chapter from Wednesday:

The War Room on Real America’s Voice, Thursday, Oct. 4, 2023, aired one day after making history by helping remove the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy.


US. Rep. South Carolina Republican Nancy Mace

US Rep. Florida Republican Matt Gaetz

US Rep. Montana Republican Matt Rosendale

Top Trump Fundraiser, Political Pundit Caroline Wren

SUMMARY FIRST HOUR, THE KING POWER IS GONE- THE PEOPLE WON: “We are going back to the original principles [47:00],” Bannon said in the first hour. In the middle of the show, US Rep. Matt Gaetz told a story about his wife, a worship leader, bringing to mind that everyone in the audience of the show has been equipped “for such a time as this”, and US Rep. Nancy Mace, illustrated the truth of it all by reminding people she was a Mom and got into Congress to make a change, said no matter what is thrown her way- she is demanding Congress follow the law for the good of the American people.

US Rep. Matt Rosendale showed up at the end of the first hour and talked about the end of the reign of McCarthy, saying that “now that the King is gone, people are raising their hands again to participate.” [56:00]

SUMMARY OF SECOND HOUR, HOW TO KEEP THE VICTORY GOING AND SEAT NEW LEADERS: Caroline Wren appeared in the second hour and talked about the growing popularity among the people of the group Bannon calls the “hard 8”, and not encouraging the supporters of McCarthy. Wren highlighted the importance of knowing which candidates to endorse to keep the momentum going of replacing McCarthy.

This is the battlefield going forward, which Bannon does not want people to go soft on; there is a plan for victory- focus on America First candidates.

CLIFFHANGER: And the gaslighting by the media will be that the 8 Republicans who voted to out McCarthy created an unpopular Omnibus bill- but the three Reps said that was anticipated and not true- because they want to work right now to fix the problems- but DC is playing games.

ALL GUESTS AGREED-At issue- the fight over getting the House of Reps to focus on single-line spending and stop worrying about partying with lobbyists so much. Bannon’s first-hour guests highlighted their desire to work on budget issues while the establishment was pushing to go home. They then later supported an omnibus bill, with no single item spending- using stalling tactics and refusal to work.

“Be at the ramparts; K Street and the lobbyists are coming hard for the War Room audience,” Bannon said to open the show, which was generally about the role the War Room audience played in the unfolding drama of the startling removal of McCarthy.

“You could hear the gasps,” Bannon said about the moment McCarthy was removed, focused then on US Rep. Nancy Mace, who Bannon described as a somewhat unlikely ally to US Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Mace was a surprising vote to out McCarthy because she called herself libertarian. She says she wants honest government back and urged the grassroots to support all of the Republicans who voted on Tuesday to oust McCarthy as leader over single-subject spending bills.

FIRST HOUR Episode 3075: Knives Are Out For The Heroic 8 :

[6:30] Nancy Mace talked about her motivation to vote against Kevin McCarty, ” this is all about Washington not keeping their promises, we were not following the law, and it does not give back to the people.”

“The establishment is coming after me, and I need help.” Her site is: “This is about telling the truth, not left or right—someone who will keep their word,” Mace said. “The knives are out for us, and we did our duty.”

Bannon confirmed that the public and the Hard 8 were offended by backroom deals between McCarthy and the Democrats.

[10:30] Gaetz talked about the War Room audience being attacked on Tuesday night, “They are afraid of your collective agency because you are going to become more critical than the special interests dinner and the favors that are being traded back and forth- I don’t understand why they are calling our chaos.”

[12:15] Discussion by Gaetz, Bannon, and Mace, of Nancy Mace’s bill for consideration and why it was a deal breaker for her to support McCarthy when he rejected it.

[12:00]” What is hard right about making Congress follow the law?” Gaetz said, talking about good government.

General discussion about economic problems, campaigning, and problems with fundraising to run for office.

[24:00] “It costs 6 Million dollars to run a campaign every two years,” Mace said, adding more details about the way lobbyists and KStreet are organized to grab power in DC.

[26:00] “We can not let the Posse War Room audience get pinch drunk. We shocked them, but they will regroup,” Gaetz said in a more general discussion about choosing the next leader and the importance of single-subject spending bills.

Bannon talked about the principles that guided the people who voted against McCarthy.

[28:00] Gatez talks about what it is going to take to get the next Speaker elected. “I agree with Nancy we need someone who is honest.”

[29:00] Discussion about Gaetz not talking PAC money.

[30:00] “We are open to who the next Speaker is. We need someone to tell the truth,” Mace said. Bannon added how the media is blaming holdouts, the hard 8, for an omnibus spending bill. Gaetz said he made his move when he did because it was the beginning of the 45-day CR.

[35:30] With 43 days left in the CR that was passed last Saturday, Mace talked about how she wants to fund the rest of the government. “This is an opportunity with the wind at our backs,” Mace said.

[36:00] “We need to get rid of the French work week. We need to get this work done,” Gaetz said. “The Cartel is regrouping,” Bannon said. “All we want to do is the work, and now they have to take a 7-day pause. This is not just,” Gaetz said. RUMBLE HIGHLIGHT LINK

[38:00] “We voted to pass a lot of bills that are in Chuck Schumer’s inbox,” Mace said. “The establishment is trying to force an omnibus bill. They want that and that is the crisis they are are creating,” Mace said.

[39:30] Bannon said his sources are telling him that McCarthy was holding things back to keep them out.

[40:00] Mace talked about Reps being told both there would be and would not be an impeachment of Joe Biden, and that is what they meant by accusing McCarthy of not keeping his word to them.

[41:00] The three talked about what is needed for a more powerful impeachment hearing going forward. “We were not sending out best to those hearings,” Gaetz said about the last impeachment hearing, which Bannon called a joke.

[42:00] Bannon asked about the subpoenas for Hunter Biden, what else could be done to be more serious about impeachment, and if McCarthy being removed would change things.

Mace named who she wanted to see testifying in impeachment hearings to make them more powerful.

[43:00] Discussion about Ukraine and what role Majorie Taylor Greene played in getting the funding for Ukraine out.

[44:00] Bannon asked about emergency supplemental. Mace said she was against them; “we have to disrupt that cycle; the American people have wanted them out. Just follow the laws; that is what we want,” Mace said. Gaetz agreed.

[45:00] Discussion about Mace being a centrist and what the real pressure is on lawmakers now. “They are making huge threats to us because we are against the establishment. I am going to talk to anyone who wants to be Speaker. We need people to commit to the promises made to the people. We need someone who is not going break their promises,” Mace said.

[48:00] Gaetz told a story about his wife’s inspiration: “We have to keep the momentum and know what chapter we are in, and we need to listen. I want to hear a vision and be inspired. My wife is a former worship leader- the Bible has stories of providence and from places, they do not expect. The time calls for it- and it is defined by providence.”

[52:00] Matt Rosendale appeared to talk to Bannon about why everyone was sent home from the House, “They are looking for any reasons to delay the appropriations process,” he said, citing the official Budget Act. “There is no reason we can not get to work. Forty-five days goes by very quickly. Then, we will be back to another CR,” Rosendal said.

[55:45] Discussion between Rosendale and Bannon about Conservatives saying that the people who voted to out McCarthy are chaos makers and not Conservatives.

The establishment sent everyone home, Bannon said,”they are not Conservative.”

[56:00] Rosendale talked about what he sees happening in the power vacuum of McCarthy’s absence: “Now that the King is gone, many people are saying they are interested in the position. People knew the retribution would be too great if they ran before,” Rosendale told Bannon.

End of First Hour.

Episode 3075: Knives Are Out For The Heroic 8

SECOND HOUR Episode 3076: Committing To Honesty For This Country

Bannon talked about the financial crisis and how people who call themselves Conservatives did not fight for the country’s financial stability.

[1:04:00] Rosendale added to that and talked about how McCarthy was serving the Democrats, and that is not being Conservative. Democrats were dictating the terms by which we would have run the country, which would have made more debt. That is simple math. The Conservatives understood that and knew that McCarthy was creating that,” Rosendale said. RUMBLE HIGHLIGHT LINK

“They are going to go after all the hard 8, including trying to throw Gaetz out of the Republican conference,” Bannon said.

[1:07:00] “This was not personal. It was about not letting the Democrats push us further into debt. Thank you to the War Room. This would not have happened without the War Room,” Rosendale said.

Bannon agreed: “Senate not doing appropriations bills. Everyone is going to be unmasked, and we will see who governs us. The middle class and working class are open to this awakening, and they are tired of being talked down to. They understand the financial crisis like never before. People can not even get starter homes, and that is why the credit cards are going higher.”

[1:09:00] Caroline Wren came in and talked about what she knows, as a top DC fundraiser, about donors. “Why DC is so broken is because of these lobbyists and the PAC money,” she said. ” So whoever goes against them will get blown up. Gaetz is the only member of Congress who doesn’t take PAC money. No one could figure out how to flip his vote and why DC is so frustrated.”

[1:11:00] Wren talked about why it is important to have single-subject funding. These are eight different members, yet they all agreed that spending needed to be a single subject,” Wren said, remaining people who are attacking the 8 to go and look at the popularity numbers- which come straight from the people.

[1:14:00] Bannon talked about how the people understand what DC elites believe they do not understand, highlighting his audience’s knowledge of the financial crisis and how it impacts DC overspending.

Wren added her point of view about what the people see about spending problems from their own lives, their own spending needs, and how they know how to connect issues between cost of living costs and government overspending.

[1:15:00] Wren talked about how members of Congress were so mad over removing Gaetz.

Bannon talked about how Birch Gold explains more of the financial markets.

[1:20:00] War Room played a clip of Matt Gaetz. Bannon said about the clip that it was” heart of the fight is the attack on the lobbyist. ”

“This is the viciousness that Gaetz is not talking PAC and lobbyist money. They are freaking out that McCarthy was going to raise 300 million for them,” Bannon said.

Wren added that the American people want someone like Gaetz to tell them the truth. “DC is angry that their gravy train is over,” Wren said. RUMBLE HIGHLIGHT LINK

[1:23:00] “McCarthy is a good guy, but the spending is out of control. We need to be mindful of the Ukraine funding, and anyone who says we need to fund that can not be in leadership,” Wren said.

Discussion turned to Kari Lake, who filed to run for Senate. “We need a better senate to help carry President Trump’s agenda, so that is why Kari filed. Republicans Senators know that she is a great communicator to the people about the fight at the border or out of control spending, “Wren said about Kari Lake.

[1:26:00] Bannon talked about Lake’s strengths for the Senate.

[1:27:00] Wren talked about Lake meeting with SC Senator Lindsey Graham.

[1:28:00] Bannon slammed Tom Cotton over his support of funding Ukraine

The two had more discussions about the strengths of Matt Rosendale. Wren talked about the importance of the Michigan race for Senator.

[1:29:00] Wren talks about James Craig’s campaign. “He is the populist leader of the people who kept Detriot together during the BLM uprising; his opponent Mike Rodgers is the deep state choice,” she said about supporting candidates who will support Trump.

Bannon reminded people to go to her social media for more on the candidates and encouraged people to donate to them because they would be targeted for destruction by the establishment.

[1:35:00] Bannon talked about what it means to return government power back to the people, and how right now people are living paycheck to paycheck, and what the role of credit cards plays. But the debt is the problem. Reminding people that just paying off the interest.

BIG TAKE AWAY– “If you only take one thing away, get this- We will never pay one penny of the principle of this debt because we can not keep up with obligations, and it is like every night we are up trying to figure out how to pay these bills, and that is where the Republic is-, and that is not because of you- it is because of the people in DC- with foreign interests and their business interests at FOX. If you are under 40 years old, you are financially screwed, and why we must stand in the gap now and lance the boil in K Street now,” Bannon said.

[1:39:00] Bannon talked about DC funding progressive government programs and the politicians who push disastrous policies, which is why Bannon said he supports an increase in taxes on the super-wealthy who underwrite the very NGOs- who are destroying the USA. For example- like the ones who are ruining the Southern border.

[1:42:00] “The knives are out right now, and they have betrayed the working men and women and Trump himself, and the bottom is dropping out if you look at the invasion on the southern border and that pimp in Ukraine is our priority. They are busy going after the people who work at My Pillow,” Bannon said.

[1:44:00] Mike Lindell came in to talk about his first win over the IRS audits to destroy him over contract labor. Lindell cited a Newsweek slam piece that he said twisted things around. Lindell said that even North Carolina ruled that My Pillow phone workers could be contracted- and that Lindell showed that Newsweek is wrong. RUMBLE HIGHLIGHT LINK

[1:55:00] Breaking news about Jim Jordan putting his name in for Speaker and Bannon reminded people to encourage audience members to support the hard 8.

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