Bannon Slams ‘American Oligarchs’ Who Causually Waste American’Underclass’ Lives in Needless Wars

Monday’s WarRoom Program with Steve Bannon was directly confrontational to the leftist-RINO alliance, who have destroyed the superpower status of the United States of America through a series of moves that Bannon calls “the managed decline” of American society.

The purposeful tweaking of America’s strengths combined with the massive growth and weaponization of the ‘the administrative state’ has made Americans absolutely apathetic about the future.

Remaining holdouts in the population, who are determined to save the Republic, make up Bannon’s audience, and he reminds them they have been targeted for their patriotism.

“The elites hate you because you are the kinds of Americans who fight for America,” Bannon told his War Room audiences, breaking down the most significant issues they need to understand to navigate what the Mainstream Media intentionally makes confusing.

Here are some of Bannon’s top points from Monday’s program:

Donald J. Trump is key to keeping the movement against the Globalist -together.

The most startling thing Bannon says is that the United States is already in a complicated World War 3.

One of his top concerns is that the toll will be taken out on the same American working class he has championed for decades.

Bannon talked about the cost of the war for Ukraine- to benefit foreign powers- that Americans will be fighting and funding.

Bannon bristled at the low value that American billionaires, who WILL benefit from the wars- put on those lives, which is evidenced by the foreign and domestic policies that are being forced on Americans.

Bannon and his guests on Monday talked about the pressing socio-economic and domestic political issues plaguing regular Americans and weakening their resolve.

Bannon spoke with economist Steve Cortes about the decimation of the American dream for the middle class:

And he slammed the American left, who are eagerly forcing Americans into sacrificing their very lives in more foreign conflicts in an escalating War that has nothing to do with solving the problems and concerns of the American people.

Bannon, a former top aide for President Trump understands the makeup of the people he slams.

“The consensus among the elite is to not see American as victorious,” Bannon said on Monday’s program, in one of the softer descriptions he used to describe the political elite.

Bannon laid bare the motivations of the billionaire class, like George Sorors, Paul Singer, and the Koch organizations, who have usurped the political process as they have protected their global wealth by making the United States of America weaker.

He crushed talk show host, former US Rep. who once called himself a ‘conservative’, Joe Scarborough, who Bannon called a ‘running dog’ for the Communist Party.

And Bannon was unafraid to call POTUS Biden out for appeasing the world’s most powerful enemies of the US.

The tactics these megalomaniacs use to dominate politics is through a series of insane public policies meant to marginalize and damage a growing populist movement who are becoming more and more engaged in civics as they see their country less powerful.

“Biden is a traitor,” Bannon said, talking about the details of the CCP Balloon. Bannon is pushing for the timeline and sequence of events over when the Balloon was discovered and how Biden reacted.

Democrat Joe Biden has assisted the weakening of America in many ways, including ways we have reported on Frontline America, like open borders:

Bannon is encouraging voters to grasp that Republicans have to ‘use the leverage of the Republican’s control of the Debt ceiling,” which we covered recently as US Rep. Matt Gaetz appeared on the War Room to talk about what was happening in DC:

The War Room is seen on Real America’s Voice, where Ben Bergquam is a correspondent. The corporate media will not have content that explains the dangerous situations Americans are in, or explain to them what to do about it- like Real America’s Voice _ Bannon’s War Room.

The show is an ongoing call to action. Find the show on Rumble. Monday’s show is a ‘must watch’.

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