Abe Hamadeh Wants new Trial, Issues Call to Action to Correct AZ Election, Hobbs hid Legal Ballots

Republican Nominee for Arizona Attorney General, a former prosecutor, and a former Intelligence Officer as a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve, Abe Hamadeh, hasn’t conceded the November race.  In fact, he still thinks he has a chance to win because compelling evidence has emerged, which has encouraged him to ask a judge for a new trial to look at the ballots and go back to count all the votes that were cast.

His legal team has filed a motion for a new trial to address a shocking situation of legal votes not being counted because of Secretary of State at the time, Katie Hobbs had a number of schemes to hide legal votes, which Hamadeh says he feels confident will come to light still- and turn out in his favor.

Those concealed votes is what he and his legal team are fighting for the courts to address.

Hamedeh, a Conservative, says that ‘America is worth fighting for. Now and Forever,” which is obviously his inspiration to continue on in his election challenge.  At this point, Hamadeh says he is not just worried about winning, but he is worried about the precedent that is being set for all future Arizona elections.

Hamadeh appeared on the War Room with Steve Bannon to talk about the details of those specific ballots he wants to be addressed still- in his most recent legal challenges against the AZ state government.

And also to give Bannpn’s audience a critical call to action to 1) pray for the situation and to 2) help him find the voters who were disenfranchised in November.

Currently, the margin of victory for the sitting Attorney General, who ran against Hamadeh, has been whittled down to 280 votes and there are many more ballots to count still. That is out of 2.5 million votes cast.

Hamadeh says there are over 5.000 provisional ballots to look at, many of which Democrat Katie Hobbs has already inspected and has withheld from legal discovery and from the judge in the last trial.

Here is where something has shifted:

“The RNC and my legal team have been going through the list of provisional ballots and the uncounted vote right now, and obviously some of them deserve not to be counted, but what our team has seen is that many of them, about five, six, seven, hundred of them we believe should be counted because those voters voted either in the primary back in August, they voted in 2020 or even 2018.

And yet, for some reason, the government is saying there is a problem with the registration now for the November 2022 election, and that’s very unusual because here they are. They voted many times before, and then they voted in the November election yet they are now disenfranchised because the government says there is something wrong,” he said adding:

“See, this is a historic opportunity because typically, the Democrats are the ones screaming to count every vote, and here we are, as Republicans are saying that,” Hamadeh told Bannon.

So this is what we’re talking about. We filed a new motion for a new trial.  And it’s in the judge’s hands at this point,” he said.

When Bannon asked him what he needed help with, Hamadeh answered: “We have to mobilize every single volunteer here, in Arizona to go door knocking and to find some of these voters who we might need to come into court. That’s what’s going to be critical to actually getting this election corrected.” 

Watch the full interview:

If a new trail is granted it likely could lead to inspections in other counties.

Late in January, Hamadeh filed a motion for a new trial in Mohave County Superior Court, arguing that the recount discrepancy in Pinal County is sufficient grounds for a renewed investigation into all 15 Arizona counties.

Timothy La Sota, Hamadeh’s attorney, told media then that there is clear evidence the entire statewide midterm election was mishandled and that the outcome in the closest statewide race in Arizona history, needed to be investigated.

“The recount identified more problems in an election already riddled with process failures,” wrote La Sota. “This further demonstrated that the vote count totals are likely inaccurate, with thousands of Arizonans’ votes not counted, thus casting further doubt about the actual result.”

The AZ mirror reported with details:

Pinal County added 507 more votes in its recount total than were in its original canvass after identifying several instances of poll worker error due, in part, to high staff turnover and insufficient training. The new ballots shrank Democratic Attorney General-elect Kris Mayes’ lead from 511 to just 280.

This reduces the margin between Mayes and Hamadeh to 0.1% — small enough to make every ballot monumentally decisive, La Sota said.

“The tiniest errors in counting are enough to change the results, or at least cast them into doubt,” he said. “And there are now new reasons to believe that such errors occurred.”

Radio talk show host from Tuscon, Garret Lewis reported the breaking news about the newest legal move by Hamadeh’s attorneys on Monday:

“HUGE! @AbrahamHamadeh just told me on my show that he and his team have counted provisional ballots that weren’t counted in the election (Hobbs withheld them) and there are enough uncounted votes to give him the win over AG Kris Mayes. He is asking a judge for a new trial.”

Hamadeh posted the lawsuit along with his own personal insights:

Hamadeh posted on Twitter:

“The Defendants’ responses demonstrate one thing: fear. Fear that the election was not conducted properly, fear that the reported results were not accurate, and, at the bottom, fear of finding out the truth of the proper election result.
Sadly and unsurprisingly, Defendants wish away the guarantees of due process, ignore longstanding precedent, and cast aside material facts for fear of confirming what the evidence will undoubtedly prove: Abe Hamadeh, not Kris Mayes, received the most votes for attorney general when every qualified vote is accurately counted.”

Democrat Katie Hobbs, now Governor, who was acting as Secretary of State at the time of the election, had an obvious conflict of interest. Hobbs- herself- won her bid for Governor in a very chaotic election as well.

We will update this story when new details emerge.

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