‘Bare Shelves Biden’ Drama Hits The Pet Food Isle, While Buttigieg Prattles On About His Gay Pride

Americans are facing a pet food shortage due to many breakdowns with the Biden administration, including a disaster in employment, a lack of goods, higher demand for goods- and a trucking work stoppage-  and according to media reports, it can be expected that 2022 will be a disaster for the Biden administration. And Pet lovers are going to feel the Biden blowout- in their hearts when they go to feed their animals.

Key Note: Just remember that Americans love our dogs as much as gay Pete Buttigieg loves being gay and having gay pride flags- something we have heard an awful lot about.  What we want to hear about is- when can we get the goods we need?


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg- who was sworn in as the first homosexual to have that position on February 3, 2021, has been chiefly on vacation and family leave for a year.  He shows little hope of finding any speed in mitigating disruptions to Americans and building resilient supply chains. Buttigieg made a big deal about being gay- as if his position in government is to advocate for homosexuality. And his childishness and laziness isn’t the only problem in DC.

No one in leadership seems at all worried about the shortages that are affecting Americans. Recall that the Democrat administration has spent a great deal of taxpayer money- ‘addressing the problem” and not solving it.

According to a press statement- from last Summer- they have been trying really hard to fix things up:

“Since the launch of the Task Force, Secretary Buttigieg and the Department of Transportation have been engaged in extensive outreach and engagement with port stakeholders including holding a virtual round table in July with representatives of all aspects of the port supply chain.  USDOT leaders have met with the World Shipping Council, the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, representatives and leading companies from the National Retail Federation, Commissioners of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), labor unions, and stakeholders throughout our entire supply chain to discuss current challenges in cargo movement and opportunities to improve data sharing. Department of Transportation leaders have also been on the ground visiting ports to discuss supply chain disruption issues in BaltimoreSeattle, and New York. “


Democrat Joe Biden’s popularity and approval has taken a severe blow, with only 23% of voters even wanting to see him run for re-election after his honeymoon first year in office, and things are not looking any better for him, four days into his second year in the White House.

As increased ownership in pets happened because of the lockdown isolation- the demand for food went up. Check it out:

NBC reported on the shortage:

From the can, to the label and the ingredients inside, several parts of the pet food manufacturing and selling process have been delayed or interrupted. Pet supply stores are feeling the effects of supply chain issues. And it’s not just because of the bottlenecks at the ports. Aaron Phillips, the general manager of Kahoots Feed and Pet Store told NBC 7 the pandemic pushed plenty of people to find a furry companion. “We saw rescues completely clear out. So which is a really good thing but with that comes more consumption. And as the economy is ramping back up and people are going back to work, people are getting out again, starting to live their lives and interact and consume. There’s been growing pains there that we’re all feeling that’s interesting,” said Phillips.


The Wall Street Journal hit upon the “tip of the iceberg” by addressing the distress a shortage of pet food can be expected to generate but is DC paying attention? (unlikely):

The Pet-Food Shortage Is Real, and Owners Are Scrambling. ‘It’s Been a Waking Nightmare’

Your dog wants chicken and rice flavor but has to make do with dry kibble, because import and production holdups have hit dog food and cat food just like human food. ‘He looks at me with these sad eyes.’

“After an online order didn’t show on time, Phyllis Pometta stopped at five different stores before she hit pay dirt. There it was on the shelf: beef stew-flavored dog food.

Ms. Pometta scooped up about four cans, which weren’t her preferred brand. She was desperate, with supplies of the food she usually bought for her dog nowhere to be found online or in stores.”


According to Business Insider, Buttigieg is happily paddling off about gay pride flags and his adopted children, in official correspondences with the US Transportation Department.

“Emails that Insider obtained give a glimpse into the communication style of the Biden Cabinet secretary who is generating buzz as a possible 2024 White House contender if his boss doesn’t seek reelection. The Transportation secretary sends out regular notes that offer insights about his approach to running a department with 55,000 federal employees around the country, not to mention the details he shares about his personal life. In one June email, for example, Buttigieg wished the department’s staff a “happy Pride!” in an email commemorating LGBTQ Pride Month,” BI reported.


At least one Twitter poster gets it. What have the Democrats done for us lately?

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