Battleground With The Left: First Nationwide Conservative Network In Spanish language

Something significant is happening in media, and it could impact the 2022 and 2024 elections, with Hispanic voters getting American media in Spanish for the first time in the nation’s history, meaning Hispanic voters will no longer be captive to Democrat propaganda about Conservatives- and that is huge.

“Americano Media will push the needle further away from the Democrats towards Republicans,” CEO Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo said. “With this shift, which started due to President Trump’s successful policies, Americano will make sure the Hispanic vote breaks hard to conservative values.”

According to Gracia-Hidalgo, the focus of his latest media project is definitely a push back against the usurpations of political operative George Soros, and so his news station is a real battleground for the soul of America.

With the mid-term elections just months away, Hispanic Americans represent nearly 20 percent
of the population. That number is growing, and with it, the diversity of the demographic’s political leanings.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll of Latino voters showed an even 37 percent split between Democratic and Republican, with 22 percent undecided – marking a significant change from the estimated 69 percent who voted for the Democratic candidate in 2018.

According to NBC News, the 2020 election saw a dramatic rise in registration and voting by some 18.7 million Hispanics – demonstrating this important voter group has developed a keen interest in elections.

“We are committed to empowering the Hispanic community through credible and real news,
frank discussion and unwavering advocacy,” said Americano Media President Jorge L. Arrizurieta. “Now being available on over-the-top video allows us to share real content that echoes our core values. At the end of the day, these are All-American values.”

Americano Media has several high-profile Hispanic correspondents and leaders who quit lucrative media jobs in protest to Soros’ purchase of a prior news station as explained in the following Fox article retweeted by Garcia- Hidalgo:

The new service will feature exclusive TV programming hosted by conservative personalities like Lourdes Ubieta, Dania Alexandrino Nelson Rubio – all previously with Radio Mambi, a conservative Miami talk radio station recently acquired by leftist billionaire George Soros – and Emmy-award-winning journalist Lucia Navarro.

And they have some great supporters:

“AMERICANO MEDIA LAUNCHES TV STREAMING PLATFORM, SERVING HISPANICS 18 HOURS OF CONSERVATIVE CONTENT DAILY On All Major Streaming Services, Americano Expands 5 Million+ Radio Audience, Cements Position as the National Voice for Conservative Hispanic,” according to an August press release from the new outlet.

AUGUST 3, 2022 (DALLAS) – Americano Media, the Country’s First Conservative Network in
Spanish, announced today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) here that its
popular radio shows are now available on video on all major streaming providers and through
its own Americano Media app.

With 18 hours of original content served per day, Americano Media is the number one media
platform informing and empowering Conservative Hispanics. Consumers can now download the
app or stream content via Apple, Apple TV, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Roku, Sirius
XM and more.

“Americano Media is a network created by Hispanics to deliver a trusted source for truthful
news for Hispanics,” said Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo, founder, chairman and chief executive of
Americano Media. “Given the enormous contributions Hispanics make to America, a news
network that provides our community with unvarnished truth is long overdue.”

Among the programs included will be:
• “Battleground Americano” – A war of values and principles is being waged in the United
States, and “Battleground Americano” is at the frontline, ready to take on political and
social structures that threaten the foundation of America. The show host, Jesús
Márquez, invites the audience to participate in the day’s conversations, creating a dialog
from a perspective you will only find on Americano Media.

• “Buenos Dias Americano” (“Good Morning Americano”) – “Buenos Días Americano”
places the world’s news at your feet before you leave home each morning! Stay current
on all that’s happening in the world with three hours of news, analysis, and guest
interviews. Let us take you around the world as we share a complete outlook on the
news that impacts you. Our phone lines are open so that our audience can help to set
the tone of the news that impacts us each morning.

• “Así está el Mundo” (“This is the World”) – When you are wanting to know, “What is
happening?”, Lourdes Ubieta tells “Así está el Mundo,” our mid-day prime program in
which she covers the most important news so far and interviews the key characters of
each day, with emphasis on international politics.

To access Americano Media content, download the Americano Media app via AppStore or
Google Play. Americano Media is also available on SiriusXM channel 153 and on its podcast
network. Follow Americano Media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and GETTR and
learn more at

Americano Media is the voice for conservative Hispanics. With over 500 million Spanish
speakers across the world, comprising nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population, Americano is the number one platform to empower, inform and advocate core values for this critical demographic. With 18 hours of original content served per day on radio and television, consumers can download the app or stream content via Apple, Apple TV, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Roku, Sirius XM and more. Americano also provides a home for advertisers seeking an engaged and underserved audience which is growing exponentially.

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