Ben Bergquam, Removed From AZ Election Area, Part Of Gateway Pundit Lawsuit Against Maricopa County

The Gateway Pundit reported on Friday an update to the ongoing harassment of Real America’s Voice (RAV) correspondent Ben Bergquam, who is also the founder of Frontline America.

Bergquam, the host of RAV Law and Border, is very familiar with law enforcement and politicos along the US Southern Border in Arizona and has reported for a full year from the area with exclusive content so he is a known investigative journalist there and reported that he has been harassed before by the same woman who was harassing his this week:

Here is how it went down over the 2022 elections, according to Bergquam:

“Maricopa County elections official violating our 1st Amendment right, version two video… second half is from my camera. What do you guys think, is this incompetence or corruption? With @ConradsonJordan of the Gateway Pundit.”

Gateway Pundit responded with a lawsuit:

TGP is suing Maricopa County after they restrained our First Amendment rights and threatened The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson and Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam with arrests for standing on public property and attempting to peacefully attend an election press conference.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Jordan Conradson and Ben Bergquam were physically removed from the Maricopa County presser on Thursday afternoon. Drones began tracking and following them after they were escorted off the public land.

Read more of those details at Gateway Pundit.

Bergquam’s response was to have a rally in the area:

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