Bergguam Slams Hypocrite Leftist NGOs With Brazen, Courageous Live Report [VIDEO]

Ben Bergquam is the host of a great show on Real America’s Voice called Law and Border, and he is the perfect investigative reporter for that job. Bergquam is a bold and determined patriot in pursuit of the information Americans really need to know about the disastrous open borders between the US and Mexico- which allows the entire third world to get into the country and take advantage of Americans.

In some recent live footage, Berguam slammed Catholic Charities- which often operates without the consent of the Catholic faithful- as one of the many leftist Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) who are raping the United States of America.

Check out his courageous reporting as a security guard tries to stop Bergquam from covering the public space where humans are being trafficked:

As the woman tries to wave him off, Ben records…

“Yes. And I’m answering its first amendment. 

You’re trafficking people. We can record it. So this is part of Catholic Charities. Actually, this is Catholic Charities is right here in McAllen, Texas. But they’ve just bought this other building because they’ve run out of space. They have hundreds of people in this building, and they have run out of space, and now they’re filling up this building to continue the trafficking that the cartels have done. They’re making hundreds of millions of dollars on this, and, ironically, right across the road from them, at this corner, is the bus stop. So they just walk them across. Put them on a bus.

Then they continue into America to a city near you or fill up the SUVs that constantly come up here. And they take them to the airport. This is human trafficking, and it’s being brought to you by Joe Biden and the open borders left; we have leftist NGOs that are taking your tax dollars out of your pockets to help facilitate the cartels trafficking into America.

That’s What’s Happening Here.

And I like that. They don’t like me filming them too badly.

The irony at their private property. No trespassing. Catholic Charities, unless you’re breaking into our country, then they’re fine with it; unless they can profit off it, then they’re fine with it. No trespassing can’t trespass here, but you can trespass into our country.

These organizations are destroying our country from within. They are profiting at your expense. 

And by the way, for those you don’t know, human trafficking is slavery. “


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