Bergquam Exposes Secret Path For Migrants in El Paso, Tx Where Cameras are not Allowed

Ben Bergquam has been reporting on the process to expedite illegal invaders into the United for States and he talked about this exact same thing happening on Saturday, as the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Mayorkas, said the border was closed.

Bergquam showed in his recent footage a lapse in the security wall, where he found out there was easy access for people to get from Mexico over the border:

Bergquam and his associates have been reporting on El Paso Texas, who is braced for what city leaders have described as the “unknown” as Title 42 pandemic restrictions expired Thursday night along with the official end of the COVID-19 public health emergency, according to El Paso Times, who reported with more details:

“Large numbers of migrants seeking asylum have been arriving in El Paso after massing along the border, hoping to enter the United States. Title 42 had allowed border agents to quickly expel migrants to Mexico,” the outlet reported.

Citizen journalists and Independent media correspondents are saying that the corporate media is being staged in one area to report that the border is under control, while illegal migrants are going around the media staging and getting access with the help of Border Contol:

A local El Paso man told InfoWars Owen Showyer that he has witnessed massive human migration and it is nonstop:

“The end of Title 42 restrictions doesn’t mean migrants are allowed to enter. The U.S. Border Patrol cautions that people illegally entering the country can be subject to prosecution under a federal law known as Title 8, which includes yearslong bans from reentry,” the El Paso Times reported.

And the media is reporting that everything is peaceful at the border.

Here is more information from Ben’s source:

El Paso is a town under siege as reported by citizen journalists who are seeing an increase of people living on the streets, as captured in the following video, so- clearly the the people are coming from somewhere:

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real Americas Voice and host of Law and Border reported that a source of his, who is from Customs and Border protection, altered him to a scheme to help send the illegal migrants into the country.

“I am here in El Paso right across from the Port of Entry, right across the street from this leftist attorney who is helping the invasion of America,” Bergquam said, adding, “It is all a lie. They are processing people with coordination from someone on the Mexico side to give these people their parole sheets when no camera are looking.”

Listen to him explain.

Anthony Augero, also a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, updated his followers about the change in location for the groups of migrants he had been tracking as well:

Bergquam reported on migrant camps that were being overfilled as people waited for the ‘all clear’ to cross over:

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