Bergquam Makes An Appeal For Viewers To Return to ‘America First’ Border Policies

Ben Bergquam took his viewers for a short walk along a stretch of the southern border wall near Mexico to show Americans where construction of the large security wall was stopped under the order of Joe Biden and where nothing remains to protect the country from an invasion of potential criminals, but barbed wire.

“Hop over the fence there, and they are in and able to move in further. There is nothing there to stop them. If this doesn’t wake Americans up to see this, I don’t know what will,” Bergquam said, pointing to where the “Trump Wall” stopped and the barbed wire remained.


Bergquam walked along an area of the Southern wall where construction had stopped by order of Biden, “Look at this, all that is here to keep people from crossing illegally from Mexico into American now is a barbed wire fence that is how pathetic the Biden regime is, they told workers to get out and leave the materials just sitting here. They told them to leave it all behind. The fence workers had to shut down their whole operation. While building walls in Washington DC to protect themselves, at We The People’s House, they are leaving everyone who lives on the Southern border exposed.

And not just people who live on the Southern Border, because the people who come through don’t just stay here they head into America, and we saw that at the Ranch, 100 miles north of this, where we have caves full of their garbage. There are sex traffickers, drug traffickers, and smugglers there.

They are not coming in that way because they want to get caught, they are coming in that way because they have something to hide, Bergquam said.

“What a shame, what a shame,” he said walking along the defunt security wall.

“100 Millions of your tax dollars for material, money they already spent to build the most effective barrier that we have ever built in America. 30 feet tall, and it works. There is a reason why the Democrats hate it, and the cartels hate it because it works. There is a reason why leftist media in this country hates this wall, President Trump’s wall, because it works, he said.

“And that doesn’t work,” Bergquam said point ot the barbed wire that remains. “Barbed wired doesn’t work, and Democrat policies do not work. “


The American people have to wake up and see this. The media doesn’t want you to see this. This is why the leftist media isn’t telling you this, because they know if you see this, you will be furious, and rightfully so.

“The scale is huge and massive,” he said, looking at the Border Wall that was constructed under Trump. “I could jump over the barbed wire and be right in America. Look at what your taxes bought.

“They locked down our country, and they destroyed your businesses all for the sake of COVI. Supposedly they took money out of your pocket, and now they are not even letting you protect our country. All of this stuff [Materials] is getting shipped back. Getting wasted,” Bergquam said.

“But they still have their private security,” he said. “If this doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will. I don’t even know what to say.”

“America deserves better than these leftist Democrats. We have two years to fix the broken election system and fix the voter fraud coming from Mexico. Ask yourself who is benefitting from this wall stopping. Some politicians are getting paid off by cartels to stop this wall, guaranteed. We have two years to the right the injustices and put America first again. It is up to you, America.


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