‘Cartel Caves’ Expose Details Of Sex And Human Trafficking On Southern Border

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America and reporter for Real America’s Voice, took a camera crew to show Americans the alarming crisis on the Southern Border of the United States.  Berqguam noted that, curiously, there had been no other media investigation on these caves and of what appears to be criminal activity.

“If you actually saw what was happening on the border, it would change your mind; if you saw the panties and the lubricant and the used condoms and you saw the footage of guys carrying 50-pound packs full of fentanyl, across our border, it would change your mind,” Bergquam said.


Bergquam reported on the discovery of caves that appear to be used as hideouts, and based on the abandoned items left behind, the occupants of the caves are involved in drug and sex trafficking of illegal aliens, all of who are crossing the open Southern border areas and getting into America with little to no legal opposition from the Joe Biden administration.

“There are Cartel caves 100 miles north of the border. The left wants you to think this is all about poor women and children, but in reality, the people that benefit the most are cartels. The so-called asylum-seekers are simply distractions used by Democrats and cartels,” Bergquam said.

In the video below, Bergquam takes his cameras into the caves to show the public the thick debris of litter and discarded clothing and personal items.

“This is just covered; it is full of garbage, clothing, food leftovers, anything they want to dump before they get into America. And remember, this is just one cave in one mountain area. It is thickly covered all the way to the back. You have to be careful coming in here because they typically hide out here during the day, and then at night is when they are moving. It is really unbelievable. It is crazy,” he said.

“Where is CNN? Where is MSNBC? Where is the New York Times, the LA Times, or any of these leftist media outlets to tell you about this? Why aren’t they showing you this? Because they know this exists, and there is a reason why they don’t want you to see it and why the Democrats don’t want you to see it,” said Bergauam.

“You have to ask yourself why, why won’t they report on this? I am here to show you what is really happening,” Bergquam said in closing.


“Anyone who supports open borders is only supporting drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and the Mexican Drug Cartel,” Bergquam said while kneeling in the cave full of debris and insects.

Please share this article and video if these issues matter to you. Ben Bergquam is a regular contributor to Real America’s Voice, a frequent guest on Steve Bannon’s War Room, and you can find him on Twitter at @BenBergquam



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