Bergquam Reports Danger is Headed to USA from Panama Jungles, “We Need Trump Back”

Ben Bergquam, the host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, is sounding the alarm louder than ever before, warning Americans that if President Donald J. Trump isn’t put back in the White House to deal with the chaotic border mess, the United States of America is in a dire emergency and likely won’t survive what is headed toward us.

From Bergquam’s reporting, evidence of chaos is apparent to any reasonable person. For years, Bergquam has uncovered the details that prove the Democrats, through their Globalist US Global Compact for Immigration, have planned to overwhelm the US with massive human migration and invade our country and under Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the plan has worked perfectly whenever they can keep Trump away.

“More shocking video from the Darien Gap Panamá as busses full of illegals head north to America on the anniversary of 9/11. Talk about a slap in the face to every family who lost a loved one that day or to the thousands of soldiers who died in Afghanistan only to have Biden give it back to the Taliban. We are less safe now than we were in 2001 because of the enemies within our government that have broken their oaths! It’s time to put America first again! #Trump2024” Bergquam posted along with footage that show the deep betrayal to the American people.

So, there is a reason Trump is talking about Deportation:

Because we are in grave danger.

Here is Berguqm’s report on those details:

Breaking: Lajas Blancas, Darien, Panamá, on the anniversary of 9/11 is completely overrun. Over 4000 people in one day all heading to America because of the invitation that Joe Biden, Secretary Mayorkas and the Democrats have sent to the world! Rather than protecting America, they are inviting our enemies to attack us. They are #Traitors! This is why they’re attacking President Trump, because they know he is coming for them. “Law & Border” Real America’s Voice News

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