ENTER THE MORTAL ENEMIES: War Room Comms Central for Impeachment, Sets Tone for Firebrands

It feels like we have been here before: 

At two in the morning, General Wayne triumphantly wrote Washington: “The fort and garrison . . . are ours. Our officers and men behaved like men who are determined to be free.”- The Taking of Stoney Point July 1779.

Do you hear it?

Steve Bannon, who has maintained his position in the heart of the US Capitol district of DC through all of the attempts to unseat him, is up to his old business of deconstruction the impeachment of a sitting US President. The iconic Bannon War Room started years ago, meeting daily for grassroots broadcasting of Patriot-based news to pump out the rebellious real information about the first impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. 

Now, in 2023, hosted on Real America’s Voice, this time the tribunal at the US Capitol is targeting Democrat Joe Biden, and the real propaganda campaign begins for the corporate media to protect their players.  And Bannon is right up their “ass”.

Bannon calls what the corporate media does “throwing out shiny toys,” reducing their news and information to nothing more than diversions to the progress he wants to see happen to save the languishing American Republic. 

Bannon, in contrast to the corporate players, goes for the throat when talking about forcing functions to make DC jump- and he does it because there is no time to spare.  Bannon is leading Americans to push for the changes that really make a difference and telling them not to chase rabbits like some weird Alice in Wonderland- which is what the RINOs want them to act like. 

Bannon maintains his position right in the heart of the beast.  He is the people’s insider to how to make DC listen.

And what we know from watching The War Room over the years is that Bannon is going to push until he sees some action he wants, even if he has to escalate the talking to points to an uncomfortable level. 

This is the guy who leads a defiance movement and has been arrested for his stand- let’s not forget. 

His power to move people is why the Chinese Communist Party put a label on his head “WANTED”.

The diabolical enemies of America did it just moments after demonic Joe Biden was announced President. The symbolism of such a move by the dastardly CCP was sinister to do an American military Veteran. 

Bannon is not lying down for them; he is right up in their faces, taunting them – he is everywhere. 

Now, the confrontation between sides, the CCP kissed DC Elite and the Rebellious MAGA Populist movement,  is about to take an epic turn as RINO Speaker Keven McCarthy (R-CA) has announced impeachment has started for Biden. Many people suspect that McCarthy is on the take- having been bribed by the CCP to undermine the very Populist movement that Bannon has nurtured since its infancy. 

On a daily basis, Bannon feeds and cares for the despondent Americans who have experienced so much betrayal.

As leader of the War Room he- is currently focused on forcing the House to get spending under control, compounding the people’s fight against the out-of-control government by simple impeachment of Biden- and telling his audience that no one knows who is going to make it.  “One side is going to win, and one side is going to lose,” he repeats, giving his team no “happy talk” about what is going to come. 

Getting spending under control is central to how Bannon sees the victory ahead. Perhaps because it exposes the enemy so well, it shows where the CCP has their secret hand. 

And Bannon is not alone in his dreams for the Republic, he is leading a willing battle of hardened Americans, who feel like they have lost enough of their hopes and dreams to listen to Fox News or the fake promises of people like McCarthy. 

They are together- targeting the usurpers. 

Can you hear it? The whispers of history…

“Upon receiving orders for the attack, Wayne replied to GEN George Washington, “General, if you give me permission, I’ll storm Hell itself for you.” The attack captured the surprised British garrison and helped to relieve pressure on West Point.” -Story of ‘Mad Anthony Wayne. 

It feels like watching history. 

Bannon is firey in his epic War Room program, laying out the “daily grind” of the daily work for concerned Americans to hold elected officials accountable for their powerplays. 

He has amassed a huge and loyal audience of foot soldiers who are determined to force Washington, DC to focus on saving the US Republic. 

All that they need is their own insider, whom they trust in,  to tell them what direction to march into. 

Enter Steve Bannon. 

And enter his mortal enemies- the enemies of the people- the CCP

“The evidence is overwhelming of Bribery at the highest level by the Chinese Communist Party by our mortal enemies.   I want you to look at the facts, and you will get quite angry as you should,” Bannon told his War Room Posee Tuesday. 

“Government spending has increased 40%, and they want more money for Ukraine,” Bannon told the War Room audience about why he sees the spending issues as central to everything else going on in DC. 

But at the War Room on Real America’s voice, this is the time for Bannon to shine because he is the architect of the Populist movement and one of the few leaders left whom the people can trust, providing real analysis, commentary, and editorials on the information people really want.

“The framers gave you this authority,” Bannon said about the power the voters have over the House or Reps, encouraging them to use their human agency.  

“The issue of Populism is about the forgotten men and women.  They don’t want you to know; they want you to go along and be a grundoon,” Bannon said in an epic rant on Tuesday’s War Room.  

And all of that is just more of Bannon’s iconic tough love left over from the 2016 MAGA revolution.

But at least Bannon loves his people.  Much of the rest of DC can not stand the American people, and that explains the appeal of the War Room and the fellowship among the audience. 

War Room is on Real America’s Voice and Rumble M-F 10-12 Eastern 5-7 PM Easter and Saturday 10-12.


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