Bergquam Reveals Shocking Betrayal of American People and Process for Invasion from Tijuana

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Border, shocked social media with his exclusive, live footage of what he called an “ant trail invasion,” showing a steady stream of people filing into the processing center along a walkway into the port of Entry in Tijuana Mexico.

The key to understanding the massive betrayal his video footage shows is how those people bypassed our immigration system because of a phone app, giving them permission to just walk into the United States and claim asylum.

Bergquam reminded viewers that the phone app, called CBP1, was designed to assist illegals in making immigration appointments so they can have easier access to border patrol resources to help them get across the border into the US.

Todd Bensman reported on the problems with the app earlier in the year:

“In January, the Biden administration rolled out its plan to address the chaos at the Southern border and discourage illegal entries. Under this new plan, would-be illegal crossers could obtain humanitarian admittance permits through the CBP One app before arriving at the border. Todd Bensman, the Center’s senior national security fellow, went down to Juarez, Mexico, and found that the system is failing. Migrants are instead abandoning the program and opting to cross illegally anyway.”

By April, the app was working and had assisted over 60,000 illegals to apply for amnesty in those few early months of 2023.

But the app is working well now, and Bergquam caught asylum seekers on video who have benefitted from the process.

Check out his footage:

Bergquam appeared on Real America’s Voice to describe the CBP1 ap and how it changed immigration policy by changing definitions of the type of entry, saying that because the app gave them permission, they were now authorized to enter the US:

As Bergquam reported, the invasion is happening by design:

Bergquam also appeared on the War Room to discuss the situation with the app. There are very few people reporting on the process Biden and his Democrat administration designed to allow this invasion of unvetted people into the country:

According to the government site about CBP1 APP:

On October 28, 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) launched the FREE CBP One™ mobile application on the Apple App and Google Play stores.CBP_One_MobileApp

CBP One™ is a mobile application that serves as a single portal to a variety of CBP services. Through a series of guided questions, the app directs each type of user to the appropriate services based on their needs.

As part of CBP’s comprehensive effort to improve the security of our nation’s borders while enhancing legitimate travel and trade, CBP One™ provides increased accessibility and transparency to some of CBP’s most utilized services.

CBP One’s™ privacy impact assessment can be found on the DHS/CBP/PIA-068 CBP One™ Mobile Application page.

Overview of CBP One™ Features

CBP One™ began the rollout of its features, starting with an Inspection Appointment request feature for brokers/carriers/forwarders and I-94 Entry for travelers. Since then, CBP has continued to add new capabilities to CBP One™. Please see the below list of currently available features for more information. As new features are released, information will be made available on our website.

Advance Submission and Appointment Scheduling

CBP One™ is available now to schedule appointments. CBP One™ and the Advance Submission and Appointment Scheduling process are free to use. Noncitizens located in Central or Northern Mexico who seek to travel to the United States may use the U.S. Customs and Border Protection CBP One™ app to submit information in advance and schedule an appointment to present themselves at the below Southwest Border land ports of entry (POEs):

  • Arizona: Nogales
  • Texas: Brownsville, Eagle Pass, Hidalgo, and El Paso
  • California: Calexico and San Ysidro

Please see the Stats and Summaries page for official metrics related to Title 8 and Title 42 encounters.

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