Breaking News: Fighting Aged Men From China, Middle East, Africa Caught on Film Crossing Border for Biden’s ‘Amnesty’

Let’s face it Democrat Joe Biden and his Democrat administration have bypassed our immigration system with a series of policies and they have created open borders, shackled law enforcement, and made it easy for anyone in the world who wants to relocate to the United States and displace American citizens.

And here is more proof from Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border, who happened upon a number of groups who admitted that they were from places like India, Africa, and China. And it is obvious the majority of people crossing into the US illegally are fighting aged men:

And more reporting about the invasion by migrants from China:
And it is because of Biden’s crazy policies:

For more reporting by Bergquam for Real America’s Voice watch the next episode of Law and Border:

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