Bergquam Starts in Sweeden to Investigate Migration Disasters in Europe

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real Americas Voice (RAV), updated his viewers about his new journey deep into European nations to investigate how a massive human migration is impacting countries outside of the United States of America.

We know that there are disasters unfolding in Europe because of immigration woes:

Here is Bergquam’s latest update from Sweeden, where he and fellow RAV Correspondent Oscar Blue Ramirez will be investigating and reporting on the human suffering worldwide caused by immigration disasters :

Bergquam asked his viewers to please thank Patriot Mobile for sponsoring their trip.

Bergquam also took a few minutes to thank My Pillow and Mike Lindell for helping sponsor Frontline America – as well:

According to media reports, the troubles in Switzerland have been ongoing:

In 2014, the people of Switzerland held a referendum on measures to limit immigration. It passed by 50.3%. It was hoped that strict quotas would be placed on the numbers of migrants, and that more rigorous vetting would keep out those economic migrants who claimed to be asylum seekers, fleeing persecution. In the end, the Swiss Parliament chose not to enforce the referendum’s provisions, rendering it “toothless.” Now, nine years later, the Swiss, who have in the meantime endured still more mass migration by Muslims, are working on a second referendum. The effort is being led by the Swiss People’s Party (SVP). From an article from December that retains its relevance: “Swiss national referendum will limit population to 10 million through strict immigration control to save environment,” by John Cody, Remix News, December 30, 2022:

The SVP harshly criticized the final agreement [after the 2014 referendum was adopted]which failed to implement immigration quotas but instead offered moderate improvements regarding job market conditions for the Swiss. The SVP called it “a betrayal of voters’ wishes” and unconstitutional, while the EU commission in 2017 celebrated the “hugely watered-down version of the initiative.“

The SVP, this time around [in 2024] will include language in the referendum that outright calls for Switzerland to ignore these international agreements, but Swiss business interests and the country’s left-liberal bloc are likely to put up a serious fight should the referendum win.

The current Western model promotes the idea of endless GDP growth through mass immigration. More immigrants equal more consumers, more housing construction springing up across the countryside, and more Third World peoples adopting a First World lifestyle.

More immigration does not any longer guarantee the right kind of growth. It can mean a greater drain of government resources, expended on benefits for a certain kind of economic migrant who is unable or unwilling to be a productive member of the nation. That kind of migrant, almost always Muslim, causes a rise both in unemployment and in rates of criminality.

Left-liberal and Green parties across the Western world have simultaneously called for Europeans to have fewer children to save the environment, while promoting mass immigration from Middle Eastern, African, and Asian countries, with these newcomers known for their notoriously high birth rates. At the same time, countries like Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom are breaking population records due to immigration, leading to a severe strain on the environment and social welfare models within these European nations — a development that has been rejected by only a handful of nations such as Denmark and Hungary.

To encourage the peoples of the advanced West to limit their family size, so as to be less of a burden on the environment, as so many of those advanced countries are now doing (almost every country in Europe now has a fertility rate below the replacement level), and at the same time to admit into those very countries Muslim migrants who are known to have large families, is to promote “the Great Replacement” of Europeans by non-Europeans. Muslims confidently predict that by 2050, “Europe will belong to us.” Do the Swiss, or do the other Europeans, want this nightmare scenario to happen?

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We will be covering Bergquam and El Blue’s trip closely. Watch for more atciles.

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