Tuberville Trashes Testy Biden with Brilliant Endorsement of Trump

US  Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL)  blazed the internet when his comments at a rally for President Trump went viral and inspired people to continue on believing in American, in what some people are calling the ‘Dark Ages’ of the United States.

Media reports from the Hill show that Tuberville and Democrat Joe Biden are not at all happy with each other.  So Tuberville’s speech is even more interesting.

Here is what the Hill wrote on Friday:


“An increasingly bitter feud between Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) and the Biden administration deepened this week after the White House nixed former President Trump’s decision to move Space Command from Colorado to Alabama.

The decision enraged the Alabama delegation, including Tuberville, who had already earned the scorn of the White House and Pentagon with an abortion rights-related hold on more than 300 military appointees.”

Tuberville’s fristration with Biden is so huge.

On Friday night Trump spoke at the Alabama Republican Dinner in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Tuberville said that he sees what is going on in Washington DC, and that he sees how Democrats are destroying our great nation and then he continued on saying that he sees that Donald J. Trump is who America needs.

Senator Tommy Tuberville: Alabama Republicans. I’m glad to be here, glad to be home in sweet home Alabama. Now, the last four weeks, I’ve been in the clown show in Washington, DC. And, folks, it is a clown show. But I got home and was able to travel around the state this week. Went to the Wiregrass, went to Mobile, Birmingham, up to Rainsville, Guntersville, Montgomery, spoke a lot with the farmers. But everywhere I went, I never realized how big a state that this is for Trump. This is Trump country. My gosh. So I’m going to make this short because I want the man to come out. He’s got a lot to say. He’s had a tough week. We need to stand behind him. It’s great he’s here in a place like Alabama that loves Donald Trump, because sometimes, even as strong as he is and as much as he puts back, he needs encouragement.

They’re after him, folks. They’re not after him. They’re after you. They’re after our country. Our country is in trouble. I’ve been up there two and a half years and I’ve never been embarrassed as much as I’ve ever seen. Things that have changed. Yes, we have Republicans and we have Democrats, but as much about Americans versus anti Americans, people that do not like this country, they like living here, but they don’t like the way it is.

They want to change our Constitution. They want to change our Bill of Rights. We’re not going to allow that to happen. It’s embarrassing to watch it go on. They’ve ruined our borders. They’ve created crime. They’ve infiltrated our DA and our prosecutors. They’ve done everything they possibly can to bring this country to its knees. Inflation. And how about this? I’m a football coach. You can’t run a country without fossil fuels. You can’t do it. You cannot do it. It’s impossible. They’re trying to make this country crash and burn. They’re trying to bring it to its knees. We’re not going to allow that to happen. It’s so important that we step up. We step up and get behind this man who we’ve got some good Republicans in this country.

I’ll tell you. I work with a lot, but there’s nobody that could get the job done faster, quicker and more efficient than Donald J trump. Nobody. He’s not a politician, he’s a businessman. He despises the deep state. He’s got experience and he doesn’t need eight years. It’s only going to take him a few years to get this back and get it going again. And that’s what we have to have, folks. We are a year and a half left with this bunch of clowns. We cannot give them four more years. If that happens, we’re in trouble. We’re in real trouble. So thanks for what you’re doing. My gosh, look at this crowd. I’ve been here before. I’ve never seen it like this. I’ve never seen it. It’s pat yourself on the back. But understand, it is going to be a fight for the next year and a half. We have got to fight back. We have got to help this president. We got to encourage him, because, again, it is tough. It’s tough on him and his family, but he’s doing it for all of us, not for him. So it gives me great pride to introduce the 45th president, united States and the future 47th president, united States president Donald J. Trump!


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