Biden Looks Like a Corpse on 363rd Vacation Day and Kamala Thinks she has ‘Great’ Approval Ratings

Democrat Joe Biden was spotted on a beach in Delaware this week, moving very slowly and looking as if he was trying to figure out how to use his phone, at one point lifting his hand slowly to half wave at someone off-screen, as someone who appeared to look a lot like his wife, Jill Biden crouched down alongside him as if to help him figure out how to answer his phone and rescue him along the way.

The night before Jill and Joe were walking along the beach, with Joe Biden hobbling a bit and shuffling, looking very awkward as Jill held his hand and led him along.

These images reached the American people after an intense week in late July where news stories were filled with details of the most highly scandalous actions involving the Biden family and foreign actors paying large sums of money to the US government.

One of Hunter Biden’s business partners spoke with Tucker Carlson about the involvement of the Biden family selling access to the US government:

But Biden never has to discuss any of those details as the entire administrative state is working overtime to enable the obviously rapidly declining President of the United States.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Biden looked like a corpse at the Beach:

And then there is the Vice President.

Kamala Harris got defensive when confronted with the lowerest approval rating of any Vice President by saying that she has great approval ratings and that there are people creating distractions from awesome the Biden admission is..

Watch and try not to cringe:

It just seemed super ridiculous that it was everyone else making distractions from how awesome the Biden administration is.. that is keeping their names in the mud with the American people.

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