“Biggest Drug Dealers in the Black Community”, Jackson Blasts Roland Martin, Joy Reid, Don Lemon-AGAIN

Raynard Jackson, a consultant for great conservatives like Republican Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, is a good friend of mine and I thought his most recent op-ed in Thy Black Man was especially relevant for heading into the 2022 primaries.

Jackson’s latest titled: The Biggest Drug Dealers in the Black Community reflects much of what I know about the point of view from Jackson and other Black Conservatives- who are tired of watching the leftist-liberal left claim to represent some sort of the collective point of view- where they include everyone who isn’t White.

Jackson calls them out from everywhere he can, including the White House:

Jackson told President Donald J. Trump about his ideas regarding the liberal left political commentators, Martin, Reid and Lemon in 2021:

What Trump’s populist movement showed us is the left’s ownership of Black American voters – is over. Politicians have to earn the votes from the Black community now. Trump broke the left that way, and Jackson, who is known well for smashing lefistism- called out those same three Black media leftists for pushing a known false narrative about Conservatives and race still- in 2022.

“Their constant infusion of radical liberal orthodoxy into the Black community has done more damage than any white guy with a hood over his head,” Jackson wrote this week, about his own experiences with Roland Martin, Joy Reid and Don Lemon.

According to Jackson:

“My last meeting with former President Donald Trump in June of 2020 went viral and set off a media firestorm.  Click on this link to see why

The three radical liberal Black Democrat operatives I called out are truly the biggest drug dealers in Black America.

They are Roland Martin, Joy Reid and Don Lemon.

The drugs they are peddling to the Black community is the drug of liberalism.  They claim to be journalists, without evidence.  They are in violation of every tenet laid out by the Society of Professional Journalism (SPJ). The SPJ is the Bible of journalism.

Every day these three violate the SPJ’s code of ethics.  You can read them by clicking this link.  According to SPJ, every journalist should abide by these rules:  “…seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent.

Neither of the three Democrat operatives listed above meet the most basic of these code of ethics.”


Martin’s internet show is vile and vulgar with its language and verbiage and provides very little information that is accurate.

Reid allows herself to be pimped by white elite liberals to spread the poison of radical liberalism into the Black community. 

Don Lemon thinks that white men are the biggest threat to America, especially to Black folks.

Jackson’s column comes along at the same time that Michelle Obama made the announcement that she plans a massive leftist backed- get out the vote effort- for the left claiming she will find 1 Million more voters to sign up for their leftist agenda.

Most likely the Obama have gotten back into politics like this, because Black voters now know politicians need to work for votes, it is no longer a given they will vote for leftists.

Chances are those new leftists will not be coming from the Black Community, where Jackson and others like him are sick of the rhetoric from the left about what they promise they are going to do- and never deliver.

But rather those Obama Democrat votes are likely to come from the open southern borders of Mexico- where Democrats have encouraged a mass invasion of the country.

Visit Jackson’s website for the entire, blistering rebuke on the leftist drug pushers, who are destroying the Black Community and America in general:


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