Billowing Smokey, Chemical-Ridden Water Persists in Ohio, Even Miles Downstream From Town

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, has been censored and banned from all of the right places for bringing real stories of importance to the American people on matters they care about.

For a full year, he has traveled the globe to investigate the very stories people say they really want to know about, which the corporate media is suppressing from view, including the dire situation in East Palestine OH, where residents there are highly concerned about both the condition of their air, ground and water- and where they have felt a determined shunning from the Federal Government who refuse to bring any clean up resources to the area.

In the following video, Bergquam goes down the river to where the government has said the water is safe and is agitating the river bed with a stick, to show that billowing up from the ground is a chemical that clouds the water.

Watch his video on Rumble:

“Three weeks after the disaster in East Palestine and over two weeks of supposed cleanup, this is what I found a mile and a half from the crash site! …After shooting this video I continued to find evidence of the chemical over 4 miles downstream.”

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