Faith in God: Light in Very Dark Years of Covering Human Suffering

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, has been traveling around the world to investigate stories of human suffering, starting with people who are fleeing their homelands due to the brutal consequences of Socialism and Communism as they set out on their migrations to the open borders of the US, where border towns are filled up with more suffering and dangerous crimes. He has seen numerous deaths. Bergquam has even witnessed a man shot dead in the street of Mexico by the drug cartels there and the death of children in a border community of Uvalde, which shocked the world, and the deaths of people who couldn’t survive the hardships of trying to get to the United States.

Recently we converted the story of Bergquam and his team, including Real America’s Voice Oscar El Blue Ramirez, who together saw the suffering of people who have those migrants marching through their communities, treating their homes like garbage heaps, and crying children who are being taken through the deadly Darien Gap who could potentially be the victims of human trafficking and law enforcement officers who are desperately overburdened with an impossible situation.

On his program, Law and Border, Bergquam has covered Drug Lords in stash houses who are abusing migrants, and migrants who are brazenly committing crimes against Americans, and the deaths of children from drug overdoses, and spoken to their grieving families.

Bergquam has covered the stories of the Angel Moms, lawmakers, and business people who have been trying to warn America about how the Democrats open borders to harm – not only the US but all of the people who are being lured here.

We have tried to capture all of these stories here at Frontline America.

Bergquam made a quick appearance at the Asbury University Revivial in February, where a movement of the Holy Spirt reinvigorated his strong faith.

Bergquam has been on the frontlines of election disasters covering stories of voters who feel disenfranchised and frustrated, and then there are the people of East Palestine, Ohio, who are very, very worried about a chemical spill in their community and behind all of these stories of suffering are two things that Bergquam is consistent in reporting:

  1. A disastrous Biden agenda
  2. A strong faith in God

In the following clip is Ben Bergquam with his family praying with a congregation of very hurting people, who hold strong to the promises of God.

“Amazing moment at Abundant Life Fellowship in New Waterford, OH, which has become the assistance center for East Palestine, OH. Honored to be asked to pray and have my family prayed over. Here is part of that moment. Pray for East Palestine. Pray for America,” Bergquam wrote and added a short prayer clip.

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