Bloodbath Is: Murder, Crime, and Illegals with Guns

A murder charge against Walter Escorcia-Gomez, related to a November shooting in Huntsville, Alabama, may be dismissed after new evidence suggests self-defense. Francisco Ramirez was killed in the incident, but Escorcia-Gomez claims he fired in self-defense, fearing for his life after Ramirez allegedly threatened him and fired a gun previously.

Surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts support Escorcia-Gomez’s claim.

The Madison County District Attorney’s Office filed a motion to dismiss the charge, citing the legal defense of self-defense under Alabama law. The motion is pending approval or denial.

Usage of the word Bloodbath has been controversial in the mainstream media this month, as it is being described for an illegal invasion, as seen in this ad by the Trump campaign:

And here is another example of the crimes that are being committed.

According to a press release from last week

Escorcia-Gomez was arrested for murder. The incident is related to a November shooting where the victim, Francisco Ramirez, was shot and subsequently died from his injuries on November 11, 2023. The shooting occurred on Cobb Road. At the time of the incident, the suspected offender was not present at the scene when officers arrived. However, after an investigation conducted in collaboration with the Madison County District Attorney’s Office and HPD Major Crimes Investigators, a murder warrant was issued for Walter Antonio Escorcia-Gomez.

Recently, on April 3, 2024, officers were called to Huntsville Hospital to attend to an assault victim. One of the officers recognized the victim as the same individual suspected of murder from the November shooting.

An identification process confirmed the suspect’s identity as Walter Antonio Escorcia-Gomez, who was subsequently released from the hospital and promptly arrested on the existing murder warrant. He is currently booked into the Madison County Jail.

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