Abandoned by Biden, Now in the USA: “Trump is Better” Afghanistan Refugee Says

The Biden administration’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan has sparked mixed reactions from individuals directly affected by the aftermath of the pullout. Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam recently interviewed two Afghan nationals who shared their perspectives on the situation unfolding in their homeland and talk about why they had to flee to the United States.

Expressing concerns about the chaotic execution of the withdrawal, the individuals criticized Democrat Joe Biden for the swift resurgence of the Taliban and the resulting turmoil. They compared Biden’s approach unfavorably to former President Trump’s, suggesting that Trump’s strategy may have been more effective in maintaining stability in the region.

During the interview, the Afghan interviewees highlighted the challenges faced by evacuees attempting to flee Kabul, emphasizing the logistical hurdles that left many vulnerable Afghans stranded. They lamented the abandonment of Afghanistan after two decades of U.S. involvement, raising questions about America’s global role and commitment to regional stability.

Moreover, the conversation turned to the potential consequences of the Taliban takeover, including the risk of an influx of Taliban members and jihadists into the United States. The interviewees expressed mixed feelings about the situation, grappling with the dual concerns of supporting Afghan refugees while also ensuring national security.

The discussion underscored the complexity of the situation in Afghanistan and the varied perspectives of those directly impacted by the withdrawal. As the Biden administration faces scrutiny over its handling of the pullout, voices from Afghanistan shed light on the human toll and geopolitical implications of the decision.


Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam delves into the firsthand accounts and opinions of Afghan individuals affected by the recent events in their country. From criticizing the chaotic withdrawal to grappling with the aftermath of the Taliban resurgence, their insights offer valuable perspectives on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

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