BUDGET GIVEAWAYS: Biden’s “Greenback Deal” or How The Administrative State Sells Their Votes

While working-class Americans struggle with the monthly grocery and heating bills, Democrat Joe Biden is going on a spending spree and buying himself up some votes from the government class which is also known collectively as the “administraive state.”

On Thursday it was revealed that in Biden’s newest budget utopia is a huge payout for them, according to CNBC:

President Joe Biden’s budget proposal for 2024 includes billions of dollars spread across federal agencies to combat climate change, with a bulk of the investment going toward boosting conservation and disaster resilience, cutting pollution and advancing clean energy technologies.

Some of Biden’s spending areas on climate include:

$24 billion for climate resilience and conservation

$16.5 billion for climate science and clean energy innovation

$6.5 billion for energy storage and transmission projects

$4.5 billion for jobs building clean energy infrastructure

$3 billion for advancing adaptation finance

$1.8 billion for environmental justice initiatives

$1.2 billion for the Energy Department’s industrial decarbonization activities


The climate funding would move forward Biden’s commitment to cut U.S. carbon emissions in half by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The proposal also comes as the White House continues to implement provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest climate bill ever passed by Congress.

That is a lot of money that is collected from the American people, and it is unclear what any of those initiatives will do to help the American people.  But it will help keep the administrative state employed and pushing for their utopian Globalist dreams.

The administrative state are the people who are employed at massive federal agencies that do very little to nothing for the American people – in the first place- in what can really only be described as a massive Socialist- welfare scheme for Democrat friends and cronies of the ruling administration.

And now they get more money to do more things that no one needs for them to do.

Happy?  Thank a Democrat.

Government agencies employ a lot of people. So that is a lot of votes- get it?

Consider this from USA FACTS numbers that were available 2021:

As of the dates shown below, there were 23.7 million full-time and part-time employees of our Government, including:

  • 4.0 million federal employees, of whom 8% (excluding armed forces) work part-time;
  • 5.5 million state employees, of whom 29% work part-time; and
  • 14.2 million local government employees, of whom 23% work part-time.

The functions of our Government employing the most people and the respective percentage of Government employees were:

  • Education – 47%, of which 69% relate to elementary and secondary education, 30% relate to higher education, and 1% relate to other education;
  • Active duty military – 6%;
  • Hospitals – 6%; and
  • Police – 5%.

Employees by segment and reporting unit (to the extent allocable) were as follows:

March Total State and Local



2014 4

All government employees (part-time and full-time) 23,727,154 19,688,199 4,038,955
Establish Justice and Ensure Domestic Tranquility 2,895,512 2,610,273 285,239
Police protection 1,185,942 1,000,312 185,630
Fire protection 450,073 450,073
Corrections 755,724 716,713 39,011
Judicial and legal 503,773 443,175 60,598
Provide for the Common Defense 2,082,300 2,082,300
National defense and international relations 1 743,813 743,813
Active duty military 2 1,338,487 1,338,487
Promote the General Welfare 4,753,590 3,687,163 1,066,427
Highways 509,287 506,404 2,883
Transit 268,093 268,093
Air transportation 99,550 54,487 45,063
Water transport and terminals 18,611 14,118 4,493
Space research and technology 17,736 17,736
Public welfare 554,009 544,322 9,687
Housing and community development 123,009 110,782 12,227
Health 656,289 487,159 169,130
Hospitals 1,327,406 1,100,691 226,715
Social insurance administration (state and local) 3 66,396 66,396
Solid waste management 113,578 113,578
Sewerage 131,169 131,169
Water supply 187,504 187,504
Electric power 78,254 78,254
Gas supply 11,578 11,578
Postal service 578,493 578,493
State liquor stores 12,628 12,628
Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity 12,299,936 12,028,433 271,503
Education 11,232,173 11,222,799 9,374
Libraries 186,642 183,262 3,380
Parks and Recreation 454,539 432,185 24,354
Social Insurance Administration (federal) 3 62,708 62,708
Natural Resources 361,874 190,187 171,687
General Government and Other 1,695,816 1,362,330 333,486
Financial administration 572,273 455,122 117,151
Other government administration 441,964 417,829 24,135
All other and unallocable 681,579 489,379 192,200

For 2020, 38% of government employees were represented by unions, including 30% of federal government employees, 34% of state government employees, and 45% of local government employees.

And here is a hint where Biden is going to get a lot of money to funnel into the agencies for environmental issues – from taxes.

Breitbart reported on Biden’s  huge tax hike that was announced on Thursday:

Biden proposed raising the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent, a scheme that will likely burden both large and small businesses, the outlet reported, adding:

While the term “corporation” is widely used to depict large companies such as Microsoft, Walmart, and McDonald’s, C-corporations are both small and large businesses, the most prevalent of corporations. Individual shareholders of C-corporations already have profits taxed both on a corporate and personal level (double taxation).

Biden announced a proposal on Thursday in Philadelphia to raise the corporate income tax by seven points, mostly erasing the Trump-era tax cuts Republicans enacted.

And isn’t that what Biden and the government-dependent administrative state really wants to do?  Erase everything Trump.

More on Biden’s money giveaways to the left and government class:

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