Biden is a Trainwreck to Liberty: Common Americans Abandoned By Biden in Environment Disasters at Home and During Terrorist Attacks in War

Days ago, in shocking and painful testimony in the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, a marine Veteran exposed how he, the US Military, and the Afghan people were abandoned by Democrat Joe Biden, as Biden had no plan on the Rules of Engagement at the time of his withdraw from Afghanistan, and at a time he knew American military would face terrorist attacks, letting people die and be injured in a massively chaotic drama. He is to blame for that.

It appears as if Biden doesn’t care about much of anything unless it is something to do with protecting the finances of the Administrative State he works so hard to enrich.

Biden’s abandonment of the common American citizens seems to be a pattern of behavior on domestic issues as well, including when they face massive environmental disasters in their home communities.

Biden has plenty of resources and cash for leftist nonprofits keeping the border open and for Ukraine, but when it comes to the people in Ohio, who the media has reduced to nothing more than naughty ‘Trump voters,’ then Biden basically is a no show to offer any help.

In Frontline America’s ongoing series with Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam, we will highlight once again how Democrat Joe Biden and his administration have abandoned the people of East Palestine OH:

“Powerful interview with Eric Whiting of East Palestine, OH. From the crash to the inept government response and the impact on his family and the community. In his own words, “Norfolk Southern would not talk to us. They wouldn’t even tell us what’s on the train until somebody found a report sent from the EPA to Norfolk Southern…” “Now I have a home that’s paid off that I can’t, I can’t give away… It would have been better if the train lit the house on fire that same night. You know. At least I could get insurance for it.”

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