BUSTED! Planned Parenthood Pushes Hormones and Surgeries for Children Behind the ‘Pride’ Chaos Forced on Captive School Children

The world’s largest dealer of abortions hasn’t stopped scheming how to steal power and cash from Americans while disguised as loving parents and concerned humanitarians. A new report shows that the abortion leader has a new idea for dealing medication to small children after indoctrinating them while their parents are not looking.

And their power and cash grabs have destroyed our lives. Here is how they did it.

We are talking about the people who murder babies for a living, so it is not that hard to believe that PP is pivoting.. to dealing drugs:

And Frontline can expand on how Planned Parenthood has convinced people they need those drugs with some exclusive reporting:

Our own undercover footage of a PTA meeting in 2021, posted below, shows that the answer for one school official to help children choose their gender pronouns includes sending them to the school resource center for some secretive reason.

In the videos below is the entire 4 pt series for context.

In the third part of the series, a school official is heard telling a parent who identifies herself as an ally- to go to the school resource center for information to stip children when their parents are not looking.


It does not take a giant mental leap to understand that the push for transgenderism and homosexuality is about money and power- it is not about sex. Weakening the strength of American children, making them less productive and more depressed, helps our competition, reduces the chances American children will fight for their nation, and also sells a lot of drugs.

Enter Planned Parenthood which has seen a reduction in providing baby murders and is looking for a new revenue stream- transgenderism.

The announcement that Planned Planned Parenthood is in the drug business:


But where would they get the patients? From school children, of course. And here is a little introduction to how the whole system of school-to-surgery works coming out of the Department of Equity in Wake County Schools:

See Andrea Dillion’s coverage HERE for more background on the PTA meeting.

The undercover footage is from my reporting of the same PTA meeting, and what I learned after the meeting was very interesting; go to around the 2:00 Min Mark on Video #3 for a discussion about where children and allies should go for more information from the librarian.

What a parent told me about what I showed was very interesting:

“My wife works in the resource center in a school. What you want to look for is pamphlets in the libraries about hormone blockers from Planned Parenthood,” one man told me after reading my articles on the strange PTA meeting, where school officials instructed a PTA Mom to say to children to change their pronouns and go to the school library.


Abusing young captive audiences in public schools was one of the top missions of Common Core, which was a program designed on purpose by people like CCP-loving Bill Gates to frustrate and depress American children and force them to accept a more ‘global mindset” and one where it was NOT they who were the legacy of world leaders.

Common Core was instrumental in removing parents and community from school boards- by nationalizing schools for good- and opening the public schoolhouse doors for third parties to set standards about gender- like leftist-dominated nonprofits, such as the Trevor Project seen represented in the video above in that 2021 Public PTA meeting from Wake Co North Carolina.


According to their wesbite- they describe their work as: “The Trevor Project tracks legislation nationwide that could affect LGBTQ young people. Below are policies being considered in 2023 and laws that have already been enacted, in both Map and List view. Click on a state to view policies, their status, and links to the legislation. You can also filter by bill categories and export and share data.”

Check out how they market themselves- as caring for children and not as a political pac with an agenda:

The Trevor Project advances the ideas of transgenderism and was given a place of honor and allowed extraordinary access to school children to influence curriculum as described in the video. And these nonprofits want to go even further.


Remember, under the guise of “Sex Eduction,” Joe Biden has increased the visibility of Planned Parenthood, which has developed teaching materials such as: IN CASE YOU ARE CURIOUS , AND WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BEING TRANS

Between the rich leftist funders like Bill Gates, the shadow government of policy demands from nonprofits, the taxpayer-funded pit bulls of the Department of Equity propaganda machines, and the ideology of some school officials who believe they own our children, the left has been hugely successful in laying the groundwork for this massive usurpation of Parent’s Rights for decades.

And we now see how it all leads to the CCP model of ESG social scoring for businesses. But how would they convince Americans to adopt this system? By starting in the schools.

Common Core is built on a “Competency” based system of education.

I learned 25 years ago, while I spent an entire year embedded with a Common Core Piot program in a PA school district- that two of the most important parts of Common Core were 1) social justice groups will have access to influence school boards and shape curriculums and 2) the top competency was children show mastery in ‘tolerance to homosexuality,” and I immediately decided to homeschool my kids for those two reasons.

I warned lawmakers about what was coming. They called me crazy. In their defense- it did sound crazy, but the problem is our lawmakers refuse to try to understand the Communist left.

And I was right.

Forcing children to affirm and show a “tolerance to homosexuality” was seeded into the kid’s school lessons- slowly over a period of time- and has led us to change our culture over those 25 years. Now we have chaos and strife in the streets with people openly fighting, and Americans feeling like they need to survive a cultural war instead of producing great and noble works to advance humanitarianism.

Wouldn’t that be the utopia of our Communist enemies? A divided America. And here it is:

We have known for decades of these destructive plans- but the American people were confused by the complexity of the left’s multipronged attack on our sovereignty and values.

Steve Bannon of The War Room talks about the importance of deconstructing the Administrative State- and he is right. The massive Department of Education, with its Common Core Trojan House and creepy Department of Equity, helped set up a situation where little school children’s lesson plans on homosexuality have grabbed the nation by the balls and will not let go.

We have a number of factors fighting against us- from within. One is a Marxist-Leftist usurpation, and the other is a greedy Croney Capitalist machine that wants money by any means necessary. And together they have grabbed us by the wallet and destroyed our lives.

That is why they want to get Trump:

The left are Communists, and only a few people are brave enough to call it out for what it is. Bannon and Trump both call it out daily.

There is no doubt about the fact that public school, in general, has fallen to a Communist revolution, and those of us who saw the writing on the wall about “Commie Core” almost 30 years ago, were right.

What is needed is rational, sound legislative action to end Common Core, get control of the Department of Ed, educate the public about Communism, and get Planned Parenthood out of schools- AND THEN get back to building strong American children.

That is what President Trump is talking about- and why we support him. And we hope that President Trump will take Bannon with him into the White House to move the needle on deconstructing the mess we are in.

For more on the controlled demolition of American values and companies with CCP social scoring and competency schemes:

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